Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Topaz Earrings Guide

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Topaz Earrings Guide

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Jewelry accessories in Tears of the Kingdom function the same as “head armor,” like helmets or masks. As such, Link can’t wear earrings/circlets and a helmet simultaneously. They say fashion can be a pain sometimes!

Gems in Tears of the Kingdom can generate different effects when Fused to a weapon or arrows. Kind of like eating spicy food and then breathing fire. It’s not just dragons who can do it! Certain armor has gems built into them, granting the armor itself protection against the heat, cold, or even resistance to electricity. Who knew fashion could be so practical?

So, let’s talk about the super stylish Topaz Earrings. These earrings will grant Shock Resistance, potentially making them a great buy for TotK players looking to rock their style while braving fierce thunderstorms. Say no to bad hair days!

Topaz Earrings Location

Topaz Earrings Location

To get your hands on the Topaz Earrings, you’ll need to visit the Starlight Memories jewelry shop in Gerudo Town. It’s located in the appropriately-named Gerudo Wasteland, which is in the far southwest region of Hyrule (on The Surface). Just follow the southwest path from Kara Kara Bazaar, and you’ll be there in no time. Lookout for fashion-forward Gerudo warriors!

But hold your horses! If this is Link’s first time visiting Gerudo Town, you’ll find it completely abandoned and destroyed because of an endless desert storm. All the inhabitants are taking cover in the Gerudo Shelter underground. You can still buy jewelry from the Starlight Memories shop in the Shelter, but the Topaz Earrings won’t be available until you’ve completed the main quest: “Riju of Gerudo Town.” So, get your adventure shoes on and save the day!

Once you’ve completed the Gerudo Arc and cleared out the Lightning Temple, the lovely Starlight Memories vendor will return to the shop’s original location in Gerudo Town. Get ready to make a fashionable purchase!

The Topaz Earrings will cost you 1200 Rupees and offer a respectable defense of 3. But hey, depending on where you are in your TotK campaign, you might already have armor that’s better than these earrings. Fashion is subjective, after all!

How to Upgrade the Topaz Earrings (& Is It Worth It?)

Topaz Earrings Upgrade

The good news is that you can upgrade your Topaz Earrings. It’s not just bling-blings, they offer 1 level of Shock Resistance. That means Link won’t drop his weapons when hit by electricity. No more shocking surprises!

To upgrade your Topaz Earrings, you’ll need to complete the “Serenade to a Great Fairy” side adventure at the Woodland Stable. It’s part of the “Potential Princess Sightings!” side adventure at the Lucky Clover Gazette outside Rito Village. Find the fairies and unlock their powers!

Great Fairies are your ticket to upgrading armor. To max out armor, you’ll need to “free” all four Great Fairies. They’re like the fairy godmothers you’ve always needed!

Here’s what to expect when upgrading the Topaz Earrings:

Level Defense Materials Required Price
5 – 2 Topaz
– 3 Flint
10 Rupees
★★ 8 – 4 Topaz
– 5 Flint
50 Rupees
★★★ 12 – 6 Topaz
– 1 Star Fragment
200 Rupees
★★★★ 20 – 10 Topaz
– 2 Star Fragment
500 Rupees

Where to Find Topaz Earrings Upgrade Materials

  • Topaz: While not as common as Amber, Topaz can be found in Rare Ore Deposits. They’re more common than Rubies, Sapphires, and Diamonds. You might even find them in treasure chests, just like finding loose change in your couch cushions.
  • Flint: Just look for Ore Deposits, and you’ll find Flint. It’s a fairly common drop, so you won’t have to dig too deep to find it.
  • Star Fragments: These are a bit trickier to find. Keep an eye out for them crashing into The Surface at night. If you’re diving from Skyview Towers or Sky Islands, you might see one streaking by. Speed up your dive by holding down the R-button to catch them. Look up to the stars!

But here’s a fashion tip: consider upgrading other armor first before splurging on upgrading the Topaz Earrings. They require some premium materials like Star Fragments. Upgrade your whole wardrobe before focusing on the accessories!

Armor Combinations for Topaz Earrings

Armor Combinations

Since the Topaz Earrings don’t belong to an Armor Set, you won’t get any Set Bonus from them. Fashion over bonuses, right?

But fear not! You can still pair them up with other armor that has special effects. Mix and match to find your own style!

Here are some cool combinations to try:

  • Charged Shirt + Charged Trousers + Topaz Earrings: Donning the full Charged Armor set will give Link the Stormy Weather Attack during a thunderstorm. His melee attacks will become electrifying! But since it’s dangerous to fight during a thunderstorm, wear the Shock-resistant Topaz Earrings instead of the Charged Headdress. No more worrying about getting zapped while showing off your moves!

  • Champion’s Leathers + Trousers (28 defense, max upgrade) + Topaz Earrings: The Champion’s Leathers will grant Link 32 Defense when fully upgraded to level 4. There are several pairs of Trousers in TotK that offer 28 Defense at max level. Combine them with the Topaz Earrings (max level defense of 20) to make Link a true tank! With this combo, he can withstand powerful attacks and still look fabulous.

Remember, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, fashion is as important as saving the kingdom itself. Get ready to unleash your inner stylist and slay those monsters with style!

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