Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Top Items To Sell ASAP

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Top Items To Sell ASAP

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – A Guide to Making Major Money

In the world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, collecting a bounty of Rupees may seem like a daunting task at first. But fear not, fellow gamers! With a bit of strategy and some culinary expertise, you can quickly become a money-making master in this fantastic game.

Cooking for Cash

Cooking in Breath of the Wild isn’t just about satisfying Link’s hunger. It’s also a clever way to produce major moolah. Take, for example, the humble Meat Skewer. By combining some choice cuts of meat, you can create a dish that’s worth its weight in gold (or rather, Rupees). Be sure to keep an eye out for rare cuts of meat like Raw Prime and Gourmet Meat for maximum selling value.

Gems Galore

Amassing a collection of common gems and materials is another excellent way to line your pockets. By mining every ore deposit you come across, you’ll unearth treasures like Flint, Amber, Opal, and Luminous Stones. These gems can fetch a pretty penny when sold to the right NPCs. Remember, timing is everything. It’s advisable to save some rare gems for later armor upgrades but don’t be shy about cashing in on the others when you need the Rupees.

Creatures and Critters

While venturing through Hyrule, you’re likely to encounter a myriad of critters, from fireproof lizards to vibrant beetles. Don’t underestimate their value! By selling Fireproof Lizards to Kima in the Southern Mine, you can pocket some decent Rupees. And those energy-packed Energetic Rhino Beetles? Save a bunch of them for armor upgrades, but feel free to sell the rest for a sweet profit. Just make sure you have a few left for trading.

Monster Parts Bonanza

Defeating Bokoblins, Lizalfos, and Moblins is not only satisfying, but it can also yield a treasure trove of common monster parts. While they may not be worth much individually, selling them as a group can result in a significant profit. Plus, if you’re short on rare monster parts, you can exchange some common ones with Kilton for Mon and turn a tidy profit. So, go ahead and make those monsters pay for your next shopping spree!

Baked Apple Delight

Ah, the simple pleasure of a Baked Apple. These juicy delights are not only a tasty treat, but they can also bring in some Rupees. Dropping apples on the ground in Goron City will instantly cook them, transforming them into Baked Apples. While they may not sell for much on their own, a little entrepreneurial spirit pays off. Juley in Rito Village loves Baked Apples and will pay a premium price for them, especially if you deliver in bulk. Just make sure to complete her quest first, and watch the Rupees roll in!

So, dear gamers, remember that there’s more to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild than just saving the kingdom. With these savvy money-making tips, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with in both combat and commerce. Happy hunting and may the Rupees flow like a waterfall!

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