Xbox Insiders can now stream console gameplay to Discord.

Xbox Insiders can now stream console gameplay to Discord.

Xbox Insiders Can Now Stream Gameplay to Discord

Microsoft is making gamers’ dreams come true with a new feature that allows Xbox Insiders to stream their console gameplay directly to Discord. And don’t worry, the capability will be available to all Xbox One and Series X/S users in the near future. Get ready for a whole new level of gaming awesomeness!

The best part? It’s super easy to set up. Microsoft has made sure that getting things working is a breeze. They’ve piggybacked off the streamlined Discord chat functionality introduced to Xbox last October. So, you don’t have to go through any mobile device faff anymore, thank the gaming gods!

To stream your gameplay to Discord, all you need to do is grab your controller and press that glorious Xbox button. This will give you access to the guide. From there, navigate to ‘Parties & Chats’ and select ‘Discord’. Voilà! You’re ready to rock and roll.

Now, choosing a server and voice channel is just child’s play. Pick your preferred Discord server and hop into the voice channel of your choice. Once you’re there, initiate the streaming magic by selecting ‘Stream your game’. It’s as simple as that! Get ready to share your gaming adventures with your fellow gamers and friends.

This fantastic feature is currently being tested with Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha rings. Microsoft is eagerly awaiting their feedback to ensure a top-notch experience for everyone. As for the release date for all users, Microsoft is keeping us on our toes, but they promise it’s coming “soon”. We can hardly wait!

So, buckle up, fellow gamers! Xbox and Discord are joining forces to take your gaming experience to the next level. Get ready to stream, chat, and conquer the virtual world like never before. Don’t forget to share those hilarious fails and epic victories with your friends. It’s going to be one wild ride!

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