WoW Fans Not Happy With Trading Post Blood Troll Set

WoW Fans Not Happy With Trading Post Blood Troll Set

Transmog Troubles in World of Warcraft: Blood Troll Edition

Blood Troll Transmog Comparison

The Trading Post in World of Warcraft always has some exciting rewards up for grabs. But this month, things aren’t going smoothly for one particular transmog set. The Bones of the Bloodhunter ensemble, inspired by the Blood Trolls from Battle for Azeroth, is causing quite a stir among WoW fans. And not in a good way.

The problem lies with the graphic design of the set. While it looks awesome on most characters, it just doesn’t translate well on actual Troll characters. It’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. The bloody paint that is supposed to cover their feet doesn’t show up properly. Instead, it abruptly ends at the ankle, leaving trolls in a rather awkward state. Humans and Elves, with their more humanoid feet, have no such issues. It seems the Blood Trolls got the memo, but regular Trolls missed out on the memo exchange.

But wait, there’s more! The belt on the Blood Troll set isn’t playing nice either. For some reason, it’s not attaching properly to the leg portion of the set for any race except Humans. So, if you’re a non-human player trying to rock just the belt or mix and match the ensemble, good luck avoiding the dreaded incomplete or glitched look. It’s a fashion disaster waiting to happen.

Why are Trolls getting the short end of the stick, you ask? Well, it all comes down to non-humanoid feet. Playable WoW races like Trolls with their unique foot structure don’t render foot armor the way it’s supposed to, except for a few exceptions, of course. So, the lovely bloody paint on their feet is a no-show. It’s like they’re wearing invisible socks or something.

It’s understandable that fans are feeling let down by this unfortunate flaw in the Blood Troll set. The transmog was practically made for Trolls, and they can’t even fully enjoy it. But fear not, creative minds are already at work, designing some incredible outfits for both Troll and non-Troll characters, using these cosmetics. It’s a testament to the community’s love for WoW and their ability to turn lemons into lemonade.

Let’s hope the folks over at World of Warcraft headquarters hear our pleas and fix these issues soon. Trolls deserve their bloody feet, dammit! Until then, keep slaying those enemies and looking fabulous, my fellow WoW enthusiasts.

World of Warcraft is available now for PC.

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