Viewfinder: Collecting All Planets in Chapter 4 (I Didn’t Planets for This Achievement)

Viewfinder: Collecting All Planets in Chapter 4 (I Didn't Planets for This Achievement)

Viewfinder: A Puzzle Adventure of Planetary Proportions!

Viewfinder is not just your average indie game, it’s a captivating journey that will have you scratching your head and snapping your fingers with joy. Filled to the brim with unique puzzles, this game takes photo manipulation to a whole new level. Prepare to dive headfirst into photos that come to life and immerse yourself in a world of mind-bending challenges.

But wait, there’s more! Viewfinder has an added layer of excitement with its collectible items. Each of the first four chapters holds a hidden gem that will make you want to explore every nook and cranny of this eccentric adventure. From rubber duckies to magnets, Mahjong tiles, and even all nine planets of the solar system (including Pluto, because we believe in you, Pluto!), these collectibles will keep you hooked.

Where to Find Mercury?


Mercury, the speedy little planet, can be found in Chapter 4, Level 8 Optional Challenge. Here’s a handy trick: take a photo of the platform with the battery, and use it to cut into the fence on the left side of your starting position. Then, prepare for a little stroll straight ahead. Keep going until you can’t walk any further, and you’ll discover Mercury resting peacefully on a small table with some intriguing books and a box.

Where to Find Venus?


If you’re searching for Venus, head on over to Chapter 4, Level 3. As soon as you step into this level, look to your left, and you’ll spot Venus hanging out on the wall. It’s a planet that loves to make a fashionable entrance!

Where to Find Earth?


Earth, the home we all know and love, might be a bit of a challenge to find. In Chapter 4, Level 5, there’s a platform hidden below the photocopier. Make multiple copies of the photo in the level to unlock your way down there. Trust us, this one will really put your photo-copying skills to the test! Check out this video showcasing all the planet locations in Chapter 4 if you need an extra boost.

Where to Find Mars?


Be ready for an out-of-this-world experience when hunting down Mars. Level 1.1 of Chapter 4 is where it’s at! Head up to the balcony where a big yellow and orange striped umbrella awaits. Take a right turn, and keep your eyes glued to the wall on your left. You’ll discover Mars, chilling alongside a gramophone. It’s not just the red planet, it’s the groovy planet!

Where to Find Jupiter?


Feeling adventurous? Hold on tight because Jupiter is waiting for you in Chapter 4, Level 6.4. Start by looking to your left a little – there’s a map on a bench with a pink star as a key landmark. Grab the photo and place it under your feet, then get ready for a leap of faith! Dive into the map and find yourself in the upper section where a majestic Castle icon shines. Grab it, place it, and voila! Jupiter will be waiting for you on a side table. Who said finding planets was rocket science?

Where to Find Saturn?


Gear up for a cosmic discovery in Chapter 4, Level 6.6! As soon as you enter, you’ll spot a desk with someone named CAIT sitting behind it. Sneak a peek behind the desk, and there you’ll find the bookshelves. Saturn, with its majestic rings, is perched proudly on the leftmost shelf, third row from the top. Grab it and complete your planetary collection!

Where to Find Uranus?


In level 7.3 of Viewfinder, prepare for a celestial expedition to Uranus. Look for a balcony that wraps around the left side of your starting point. When you begin the level, do a 180-degree turnaround and take the small set of stairs that lead to the balcony. Keep following it until you stumble upon a cozy sitting area with a charming telescope. Guess what? Uranus will be right there, waiting for you on a little table. Spectacular, isn’t it?

Where to Find Neptune?


In Chapter 4, Level 2.2, a hidden gem awaits – Neptune! To find it, start by heading up the stairs to the right of the teleporter. Look for the stairs, cleverly camouflaged among the pink ivy, tucked away on the right. Follow the stairs until you discover a table with a gramophone and some tools. Pick up the painting resting on the table and position it directly beneath you. Take the leap and immerse yourself in the artwork. Within the gray space just before the blue section, you’ll find a cozy sitting area with a bookshelf. And there it is, Neptune, waiting for you to claim it!

Where to Find Pluto?


Last but certainly not least, our dear Pluto is hiding in Chapter 4, Level 2.4. To discover this enigmatic planet, turn around as soon as you load into the level and head down the stairs. Look for the cozy sitting area with a vibrant green rug and charming green chairs. On the right side of the area, a side table adorned with a tea set will catch your eye. Grab Pluto from the table, and with that, you’ll unlock the epic “I Didn’t Planets for This to Happen” achievement! Bravo, explorer!

So get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Viewfinder, available on PC and PS5. Prepare yourself for mind-boggling puzzles, charming visuals, and a planetary hunt like no other. Remember, the universe is waiting for you to uncover its secrets, one photo at a time. Let’s light up the sky, gamers!