“Unpopular Perk Trees in Skyrim”

"Unpopular Perk Trees in Skyrim"

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – A Hilarious Debate on the Worst Perk Trees

Ah, Skyrim. The game that just keeps on giving, even after a decade. Recently, a bunch of Skyrim players got together to have a good old laugh about the worst perk trees in the game. I mean, who needs serious discussions about world peace when you can argue about virtual skills, right?

Now, for those unfamiliar with the game (shame on you!), Skyrim introduced a fancy perk system that made leveling up a breeze. You improve your abilities, rack up skill points, and then invest them in various skill trees. Simple, right? Well, turns out, not all perks in Skyrim are created equal. Some are as great as finding a sweet roll in a draugr crypt, while others are about as useful as a potion of invisibility in broad daylight.

The Lockpicking Conundrum

Let’s start with one perk tree that we can all agree is as disappointing as a dragon that refuses to breathe fire – Lockpicking. Now, I get it, locks need to be pickable, we’ve all locked ourselves out of our houses at some point. But in Skyrim, picking locks is easier than spotting a mudcrab on a sunny day. Seriously, lockpicks are more common than arrows in a bandit’s knee. So, it’s no surprise that this skill tree tops the list of “Meh” perks. Unless you’re roleplaying as a sneaky, lock-loving burglar, it’s pretty much useless.

Of course, the Reddit discussion didn’t stop at lockpicking. Oh no. The Skyrim community is a never-ending well of opinions, like a never-ending supply of sweet rolls in Sadri’s Used Wares. Some players weighed in on the magic skill trees. Forgedfox53, for example, claimed that both Illusion and Alteration spells are about as useful as a septim in a beggar’s pocket. Apparently, unless you like playing dress-up with magical clothes, these skills are pretty underwhelming for most builds. And Cookiesncognac had a point too – swapping between spells and weapons in the heat of battle is about as smooth as a clumsy mammoth on ice. Potions and food are where it’s at, my friends!

Now, there are always those who march to the beat of a different drum, or in this case, swing a battleaxe like a jazz musician. Stillawache argued that blocking is the epitome of uselessness. “Why bother blocking when you can just shoot enemies from afar, like a true master of avoiding physical contact?” they asked, contemplating their next headshot from a safe distance. Good point. Who needs a shield when I can just hide behind my oversized quiver of arrows?

But here’s the thing, my fellow adventurers. The beauty of Skyrim lies in its infinite possibilities. Your character build determines which perks are worth their weight in septims. So don’t let the naysayers discourage you. Even something as seemingly useless as Illusion can turn you into a literal god if you pair it with a sneaky, backstabby build. Enemy killing each other? Sign me up for that! As CiceroForConsul pointed out, it’s a whole new level of divine power.

So, my friends, let us continue the epic debate. Let us argue, laugh, and passionately defend our beloved (or hated) perk trees. Because, in the end, isn’t that what gaming is all about? Oh, and by the way, if you’re itching to jump back into the world of Skyrim, grab yourself a copy of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition. It’s available on all major platforms, so no excuses. Get ready to lose yourself in another adventure, dragonborn!

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