The Sims 4: Horse Ranch – Manure Guide

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch - Manure Guide

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch – The Scoop on Manure

The recent Horse Ranch expansion pack for The Sims 4 has brought some exciting new animal gameplay to the mix. And let’s talk about manure, baby! Yes, you heard it right. Manure is the it thing in this expansion pack, and we’re here to spill the beans on how to get it and what to do with it. So saddle up, folks!

Getting Down and Dirty

Manure Collection

Horses are generous creatures who love to leave behind little presents in the form of manure as they trot around their home lots. To get your hands on this fragrant treasure, you have two options. You can either select the manure and add it to your Sim’s inventory, or go all fancy and drag it directly onto your Sim. Hey, we’re all about choices here!

If you’ve hired a Ranch Hand, bless their soul, they can also gather manure for you and store it in your household inventory. It’s like having your own personal manure butler!

Now, manure may appear on your lot regularly, but if you’re craving more piles of the good stuff, you’ll need to expand your horse collection. More horses mean more manure, baby!

The Magic of Manure

Manure Uses

Let’s talk business. Manure is a moneymaker, my friends, and it practically falls from the sky. Well, almost. You don’t have to work hard or spend a single Simoleon to get your hands on this golden nugget. Anything that comes from it is pure profit, making it a genius money-making strategy and a natural fertilizer. It’s a win-win!

There are three levels of manure quality: poor, normal, and outstanding. The quality of your manure affects its price and usefulness as a fertilizer. You’ll mostly be collecting that sweet, normal quality Horse Manure on the reg. Poor quality manure only appears when your horse is feeling down, while outstanding quality manure is as rare as a unicorn on roller skates.

Unleash the Manure Market

When it comes to selling manure, the better the quality, the higher the price. Normal quality horse manure will fetch you a cool 15 Simoleons, while outstanding quality manure will go for a fancy 20 Simoleons. Poor quality manure is the bargain basement option, coming in at a humble 10 Simoleons. Hey, even poor quality manure deserves some love!

The Fertilizer Full Monty

Manure Fertilizer

For aspiring green thumbs, horse manure is a gardening delight. According to the in-game notebook, using poor quality manure as a fertilizer is a no-no. But fear not! Normal quality manure is recommended, and outstanding quality manure is highly recommended. Your plants will go from wilting wallflowers to vibrant beauties in no time!

One thing to note: plants fertilized with outstanding manure will evolve before their normal counterparts. It’s like they can’t wait to show off their extraordinary growth!

Get Gaming, Get Growing

That’s a wrap on The Sims 4: Horse Ranch manure extravaganza! Grab those shovels and start collecting like there’s no tomorrow. Remember, manure means money, and money means happiness in Simland. So go forth, embrace the stinky goodness, and let your virtual world bloom with joy!

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.