The Sims 4 Horse Ranch adds horses, but rustic ceilings steal the spotlight.

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch adds horses, but rustic ceilings steal the spotlight.

A New Look for The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Expansion!

The Sims 4 Horse Ranch

Wood Ceilings? Yeehaw!

Howdy, fellow Simmers! Get ready to saddle up because Electronic Arts is bringing the countryside to life in The Sims 4 with their upcoming Horse Ranch expansion. From horses to wine-making to cowboy boots, this expansion has it all. But hold on to your ten-gallon hats – there’s something new on the horizon that’s got players stomping their boots in excitement. And it’s not just any old detail, it’s something that’s right over your head – Ceilings!

“Look up, because The Sims 4 is getting an upgrade to its ceilings.”

Yes, you heard it right! Ceilings are finally getting some love in The Sims 4. Electronic Arts confirmed this exciting news in a livestream previewed to media, but keen-eyed Simmers had already spotted glimpses of the revamped ceilings in early peeks at the game. No more staring at plain, boring ceilings – it’s time to elevate your builds!

The Sims community is buzzing with anticipation for this long-awaited change. While modders previously came to the rescue with different ceiling tiles, there was nothing available in the base game. But fear not, my creative friends, because the new ceiling options are here to save the day! Now you can fine-tune your builds and give them the perfect vibe. Imagine a cozy wooden ceiling adding that delightful ranch flair to your Horse Ranch preview homes. Yeehaw!

These new ceiling options will be part of the base game update that coincides with the launch of the Horse Ranch expansion. So get ready to reach for the sky and unleash your imagination!

A Dream Expansion for Horse Girls (and Guys)!

But wait, there’s more! Friday’s livestream was a feast for the eyes, showcasing a whole corral of new features in this dream expansion for horse lovers.

Naturally, horses take center stage, and you’ll have plenty of ways to customize and decorate them. Outfits and decorations inspired by barns will let you create the ultimate equine haven. And speaking of havens, there are several new neighborhoods with generously sized lots, perfect for accommodating horses and giving them the space to roam free. It’s a whole new world for our four-legged friends!

But it’s not just about horses. The Horse Ranch expansion also introduces goats and sheep to The Sims 4. These fluffy additions join the ranks of llamas, cows, and other beloved pets already available in the game. Get ready for a menagerie of adorable animals!

And what’s a countryside adventure without some homemade goodness? You’ll be able to make and sell your very own “Nectar” (otherwise known as wine). So gather your grapes, channel your inner vintner, and create a thriving business from the comfort of your Sim’s ranch.

From Sim 3’s Loss to Sim 4’s Gain

Now, you might be wondering why horses weren’t included in previous expansions like The Sims 3’s Pets or The Sims 4’s Cottage Living. Well, apparently, horses didn’t make the cut because, well, they’re not cats or dogs. But fear not, the wait is finally over! Players who were disappointed by the absence of horses in previous expansions are eagerly anticipating their arrival in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch. And it looks like the developers have gone all out, expanding the scale of horse-related activities and interactions. Giddy up!

So mark your calendars, Simmers! The Sims 4: Horse Ranch is galloping its way onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on July 20. Get ready to embrace the equestrian life and unleash your creativity like never before!

Yeehaw, see you on the ranch! 🐴🤠