The Sims 4: Crystal Legacy Challenge Guide

The Sims 4: Crystal Legacy Challenge Guide

The Crystal Legacy Challenge: A Journey of Stars and Simology

Sims 4 Kneeling and Digging into a Rock

Out of all the challenges you can play in The Sims 4, this one is sure to shine. Inspired by The Garden Legacy challenge, iovmegumi created The Crystal Legacy challenge. Similar to the nature motif of the prior challenge, the latter assigns a crystal to each generation. It’s like your very own crystal collection, but this time it comes with a whole lot of Simological fun!

In this guide, we will take you through each generation of the challenge and provide you with the knowledge and tips you need to navigate the crystal-infused legacy. From becoming a celebrity to reaching a whole different kind of star, this challenge covers nearly all aspects of Sims gameplay.

To start, you can find a concise list of the rules and outlines for each generation on iovmegumi’s Tumblr. Remember, diamonds may be a Sim’s best friend, but crystals are their legacy!

Challenge Overview

Each generation of this challenge comes with set traits, aspirations, and rules for the Sim. There’s at least one rule that will require a pack in each generation, with some having a base game alternative. Embrace the unique qualities of each crystal and watch your legacy sparkle and shine!

Here’s a sneak peek of the crystal-infused generations:

Generation One: Rose Quartz

Sim Holding a Toddler and Looking at an Unfinished Painting

Required Pack: Parenthood

Traits: – Family Oriented – Romantic – Perfectionist

Aspiration: – Super Parent (Parenthood) or Big Happy Family

Rules: – Build a perfect family by reaching level ten of the Parenting skill and caring for four children. – Marry your soulmate and stay together until death. – Master the art of cooking by reaching level ten of the Cooking skill and at least level five of the Gourmet Cooking skill. – Choose between reaching level ten of the Painter career or maxing out the Painting skill through freelancing.

Generation Two: Orange Calcite

Sim behind the Screen from the Fabricator

Suggested Pack: Eco Lifestyle

Traits: – Loner – Self Assured – Maker (Eco Lifestyle) or Creative

Aspiration: – Master Maker (Eco Lifestyle) or Curator

Rules: – Reach level ten of the Fabrication skill and climb to the top of the Civil Designer career’s Green Technician branch. – Furnish your home with the items you make using the fabricator. – If you don’t have the Eco Lifestyle pack, complete a crystal collection and sell your handmade creations. – Focus on gardening and woodworking to level up your skills.

Generation Three: Moonstone

Sim on the Planet Sixam Approaching a Geode

Required Pack: Get to Work

Traits: – Genius – Family-Oriented – Clumsy

Aspiration: – Nerd Brain

Rules: – Master the art of logic and fitness by reaching level ten in both skills. – Level up your Rocket Science and Parenting skills to at least level five. – Build a rocket, fully upgrade it, and travel to the alien planet Sixam. – Marry an alien and have four to five kids. – Experiment with Sim-biology by having a male heir who marries a female alien.

Generation Four: Sodalite

Sims Sit Around a Bubble Blower

Suggested Pack: City Living

Traits: – Outgoing – Unflirty – Party Animal or Bro

Aspiration: – Friend of the World

Rules: – Throw at least five parties throughout your Sim’s life to level up Charisma, Comedy, or Mischief. – Join the Social Media career (Internet Personality branch) if you have City Living or the Entertainer career (Comedy branch) as a base game alternative. – Align your career choice with the skills you need to build. – Interact with a lot of Sims and watch your skills rise.

Generation Five: Pyrite

A Sim in a Movie Studio Being Filmed

Required Packs: Get Famous, Vintage Glamour

Traits: – Ambitious – Snob – Self-Absorbed (Get Famous)

Aspiration: – World Famous Celebrity (Get Famous)

Rules: – Embrace the star within by reaching level ten in Acting, Piano, Violin, and Guitar. – Have two failed marriages and only one child resulting from either one. – Hire a butler to take care of household tasks. – Raise your celebrity level by putting on performances and interacting with Sims.

Stay tuned for generations six to ten! The journey continues…