Square Enix is considering remastering older titles.

Square Enix is considering remastering older titles.

Square Enix, the mastermind behind the beloved Final Fantasy franchise, has heard the cries of fans longing for more remastered classics. After the overwhelming success of Final Fantasy 1-VI Pixel Remaster, the company is seriously considering giving other titles a fresh coat of paint. Exciting, right?

During Square Enix’s 43rd Annual Shareholders’ Meeting Q&A, board members were bombarded with inquiries about future projects. While they remained tight-lipped about new titles, they did tease us with the tantalizing possibility of more remasters. It was a classic “we can neither confirm nor deny” situation, leaving us on the edge of our seats, craving more information.

One shareholder, eager to express their desires, boldly stated, “Hey, how about remastering Xenogears? I’d love to dive back into that gem!” The board member, trying to keep their cards close to their chest, played it coy and replied with a vague yet intriguing answer. They hinted at the company’s consideration of various ideas and left us with a promise of forthcoming announcements. The suspense is killing us!

Let’s not forget the excitement surrounding the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters series. It first made its grand entrance on Steam and mobile platforms, with each game being released individually. Then, Square Enix decided to sprinkle some magic and gathered all the games into one glorious collection. Finally, they announced that Final Fantasy 6 would be joining the party. The hype train was unstoppable!

Of course, with great excitement comes great critique. Some players initially complained about the font being too small and unreadable in the pixel remasters. But, fear not! Square Enix listened to the feedback and has graciously provided an option to switch to a pixel-based font reminiscent of the originals. Additionally, they’ve taken it a step further by adding the ability to turn off random encounters and tweak experience gained. It’s like they’re reading our minds!

So, dear gamers, keep your eyes peeled and your fingers crossed. Square Enix may soon bless us with more remastered classics. Until then, let’s revel in the nostalgia of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters series and eagerly await the next chapter in their remastering adventures. The future looks pixel-perfect!