Snowbreak: Containment Zone – Beginner Tips

Snowbreak: Containment Zone - Beginner Tips

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  • Don’t Try To Rush
  • Always Use A Support In The Team
  • Don’t Misuse Your Presence
  • Pay Attention To Your Lineup
  • Do All Your Dailies
  • Know Your Weapons

If you’re a fan of shooter and gacha games, get ready for the epic blend that is Snowbreak: Containment Zone! This post-apocalyptic adventure thrusts you into the shoes of an Adjutant, fighting against massive Titans alongside the Heimdall force’s incredible Manifestations.

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As you delve deeper into the story, you’ll uncover new mechanics like the Echo, Gigalink, and Operation systems. However, be aware of the limited energy mechanic that pushes you to be efficient in making your characters thrive. But hey, fear not! We’ve got some early game tips for you to keep in mind.

Don’t Try To Rush

When you start a battle in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, there’s always a tempting blue marker showing you the way. But be warned, fellow adventurer! This destination may be far, and the path filled with enemies. Your first instinct might be to sprint towards the objective, thinking defeating enemies won’t get you anything.

However, here’s a tip for you: further areas are usually blocked until you clear out the enemies in your vicinity. So, instead of rushing recklessly, take it slow and steady. Defeat enemy groups as they appear, ensuring you don’t get overwhelmed. Especially watch out for those pesky Adventists who worship Titans. They come in packs, ready to rain havoc on any unsuspecting player.

Always Use A Support In The Team

In Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you can assemble a team of up to three Operatives, whom you can dynamically switch between during battles. Each Operative boasts a skill set including an active skill, a support skill, and an ultimate ability.

Skill Type When To Use
Normal Skill When you’re using a certain Operative and their skill isn’t on cooldown. Switching Operatives in the middle will cancel the skill.
Support Skill An Operative’s support skill can be used even when they are not on the field. Just tap the support skill button next to their name on the top right of the screen. Note that you can’t use the support skill if you currently have that Operative on the battlefield.
Ultimate Earn energy by damaging or defeating enemies, shown as a blue bar next to the Operative names on the top right side. Once the energy reaches the required level, unleash an Operative’s ultimate. Keep in mind that the energy is shared between all Operatives in your team, so only focus on having one Operative with a killer ultimate.

With these complex skills and mechanics, it’s crucial to have at least one Support character in your team. But remember, a Support won’t necessarily be a traditional healer or shielder. For instance, four-star Acacia’s support skill can slow down enemies for a few seconds, while five-star Lyfe’s skill can freeze them. These skills give you a massive advantage in combat.

Don’t Misuse Your Presence

Presence represents the limited energy in Snowbreak: Containment Zone, which regenerates approximately every six minutes. You must use this energy to progress in the main story. However, be aware that the Operations section unlocks as you make progress.

The Operations section offers stages where you can spend your Presence to obtain specific items like SilverBucks, and Operative and Weapon EXP materials. Efficiently managing your Presence is crucial. Focus on progressing the main story for abundant materials and DigiCash.

Nevertheless, there may be instances where you get stuck in the story, requiring you to spend Presence in the Operations section. In the early stages, invest Presence in acquiring Operative and Weapon EXP materials. As you unlock further sections, you can focus on farming Weapon Ascension and Operative Neural Materials. Save your Baldr Inhibitors for the late game unless they have time limits, and don’t forget to keep an eye on your inventory.

Pay Attention To Your Lineup

Before battling, you’ll be taken to the lineup screen to select your characters. Remember that the placement of Operatives here doesn’t match the placement in the actual game. The middle Operative you see will take the first position once the stage begins, with the left and right Operatives taking second and third positions, respectively.

Although it may not seem crucial, paying attention to your lineup is important to prevent any accidental switches to the wrong Operatives. Keep that muscle memory in check and avoid wasting valuable seconds and actions by switching to the wrong character.

Do All Your Dailies

Once you progress a bit into the story, the Tasks section unlocks, revealing Daily, Weekly, Target, and Main Story tasks. The Daily and Weekly tasks are particularly crucial, as they offer time-limited rewards that you will miss out on if not completed.

Daily tasks reset at midnight server time, while Weekly tasks reset at the start of every glorious Monday. These tasks are tremendous opportunities to acquire DigiCash, which can be used for the Gacha system. Don’t underestimate their importance!

Lastly, the Target section houses the game’s achievements, while the Main Story tasks grant you a ton of materials, provided you progress adequately.

Know Your Weapons

An Operative’s weapon is just as crucial as their skills and Logistic Officers. Each weapon comes with a special ability and unique attributes such as fire rate, ammo, and ATK. Your Operatives must be compatible not only with their special skills but also with these weapon attributes.

For example, high ATK but low ammo weapons suit five-star Yao, as her skill can replenish ammo, and her focus is on dealing massive damage in each shot. It’s all about finding that perfect weapon-Operative harmony.

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