Sea of Thieves Melee Island Guide – All Commendations & Memoir Spots

Sea of Thieves Melee Island Guide - All Commendations & Memoir Spots

Sea of Thieves Tall Tale – The Journey to Melee Island Guide

Ahoy, pirates! It’s time for a legendary adventure as Sea of Thieves collides with the iconic Monkey Island series! In the first of three Tall Tales, titled “The Journey to Melee Island,” you’ll embark on an epic quest full of pirate encounters and ghostly mischief. Prepare to dock on Melee Island, meet the legendary Guybrush Threepwood, and solve puzzles that would make even the toughest pirate scratch their head. Join us on this hilarious and perplexing journey as we guide you through all the commendations, hidden spots, and exclusive rewards!


This mission offers a total of 16 commendations, but be careful, because half of them can be easily missed if you’re not keeping an eye out. To make things easier for you, we’ve marked the ones you need to pay special attention to with an asterisk*. Think of this as your handy checklist:

  • Purchase the chef’s uniform
  • Deliver the citizen of Melee’s missing cargo
  • Free Otis
  • Repair the clock and set it to midnight
  • Gain entry to the Governor’s Mansion
  • Complete The Journey to Melee Island
  • Defeat ghost pirates with root beer (10)*
  • Take a seat in the Scumm Bar*
  • Read about Guybrush’s re-election campaign*
  • Hear everything Spiffy has to say (6)*
  • Take Murray on a tour of the town’s key locations*
  • Purchase the Melee Island history book*
  • Take in the view at all Memoir Spots*
  • Legendary Commendation: Complete all other Commendations for The Journey to Melee Island*
  • Cosmetic reward: Legend of Monkey Island figurines
  • Cosmetic reward: Melee by Moonlight painting*

How to Complete Sea of Thieves Tall Tale – The Journey to Melee Island

To embark on this thrilling adventure, head to Captain Capsize’s camp, which can be found at any outpost. Look for the book next to her, which will allow you to vote on the voyage. A cinematic will then introduce you to the mission’s objective – finding Guybrush Threepwood. Raise anchor and set sail through the green portal that appears at sea.

When you arrive on Melee Island, you’ll be greeted with the classic Monkey Island music and the mesmerizing purple moonlight. Take a moment to soak in the atmosphere before exploring the island. While the order of events may vary, we’ve structured this walkthrough based on what we believe is the optimal route to complete the mission.

Enter the Scumm Bar and Talk to Folks

Inside the Scumm Bar, you’ll encounter various NPCs who can provide helpful hints and comedic banter. Speak with the chef and learn about his need for an assistant. Keep checking back with Spiffy the dog for more dialogue options. Interact with one of Guybrush Threepwood’s campaign posters to earn a related commendation.

Head to the Jail and Take the Claw Hammer

Make your way to the small jail at the end of town. Take the claw hammer from the table and carry it back to the docks.

Swim to the Shipwreck and Cut the Ropes off the Cargo Crate

Just off the dock, there’s a shipwreck partially submerged in water. Jump in, cut the two threadbare ropes holding a cargo crate, and return to the dock.

Raise the Cargo to the Dock with the Hook and Pulley

Using the winch and pulley system on the dock, position the winch above the cargo crate and lower it to connect. Lift the crate and drop it onto the dock.

Open the Cargo and Bring It to the Street Merchant

Open the cargo crate using the claw hammer and find a box of goods for the street merchant. Locate the merchant in town and deliver the cargo to him. He will then start selling goods, but you won’t have enough money to buy anything yet.

Collect 45 Pieces o’ Eight from Around the Island

Search for scattered Pieces o’ Eight around the island. You’ll need 45 of these coins to purchase the chef’s uniform later. Don’t forget to check cabinets, crates, and hidden spots such as the lookout and the jail.

Go to the General Store and Buy the Chef’s Uniform, Then Wear It

Once you have the required coins, head to the general store and purchase the chef’s uniform. Equip it using the clothing chest in the store.

Speak to the Chef and Help Make His Stew

Return to the chef, who will mistake you for his assistant. Assist him in making his stew by adding the necessary ingredients. Grab the hunk of meat from the boiling pot before leaving the bar.

Serve Patrons the Extra-Potent Grog, Then Steal Their Money and the Clocktower Key

Serve the extra-potent grog to three patrons in the bar. They will fall asleep, allowing you to steal their money and the clocktower key.

Bring the Cooked Meat to the Piranha Poodles

Take the cooked meat to the alleyway behind the church, where piranha poodles are being tormented by a ghost. Leave the meat in their bowl, and they will eat it, gaining the courage to attack the ghost.

Collect the Gunpowder Gummies Left Behind

Grab the Gunpowder Gummies left behind by the defeated ghost. Keep them in your inventory, as they will be useful later.

Collect 130 Pieces o’ Eight from Around the Island

Utilize the sleeping patrons to collect the remaining coins needed. Double-check that you have a total of 130 coins, as you’ll need them to purchase two items.

Buy the Rope from the General Store and the Monkey from the Street Merchant

Purchase the rope from the general store and the monkey toy from the street merchant.

Give the Monkey to the Dog, Spiffy, in the Bar, Then Take the Bone He Drops

Bring the monkey toy to Spiffy the dog in the bar. In exchange, he will drop a bone. Be sure to get all of Spiffy’s dialogue options before leaving.

Connect the Bone to the Skeleton Left Behind from the Poodles

Return to the alleyway with the skeleton and connect the bone to complete the skeleton’s reconstruction.

Attach Murray to the Skeleton to Finish Rebuilding It

If you’ve earned the commendation for bringing Murray to nine key spots around the island, attach him to the skeleton in the alley. Otherwise, skip this step for now.

Using the Gunpowder Gummies and Rope, Blow Each Jail Cell Open

Head to the jail and use the Gunpowder Gummies to blow open both cell doors. Insert a gummy into each lock, attach the rope as a fuse, and light it with your lantern.

In the Right Cell, Collect the Bones and Connect Them to the Skeleton

Collect the bones from the right cell and connect them to the skeleton in the alley.

In the Left Cell, Free Otis, Then Collect Captain Coco

Free Otis from the left cell, and he will leave behind his friend, Captain Coco—an engraved coconut with a face. Take Captain Coco to the bar for later use.

Swap Captain Coco with Murray, the Talking Skull Inside the Bar

Replace Murray with Captain Coco on the wall of talking skulls in the bar. This will allow you to bring Murray along with you outside the bar.

Bring the Cooked Meat to the Piranha Poodles

Bring the monkey toy to the dog, who will prefer it over the bone. Take the bone and connect it to the skeleton in the alley.

The Skeleton Will Replace the Guard Blocking the Governor’s Mansion

With the skeleton complete, it will take the place of the guard blocking the mansion, granting you access.

Enter the Mansion and Meet Guybrush

Enter the mansion and find Guybrush Threepwood inside. Enjoy his exaggerated tales of heroism before he promptly falls asleep, leaving you with more coins to collect.

When He Falls Asleep, Collect More Coins, Then Enter the Room to Guybrush’s Left

Search the mansion for three coin purses totaling 200 coins. Check the table at the entrance, a cabinet in the room with Guybrush, and a chest inside the bedroom.

Collect the Note and Key in the Bed

Discover a note and key hidden under the bedsheets in the bedroom to the left of Guybrush.

Open the Chest and Take the Root Beer

Unlock the chest with the key and find four bottles of fizzy root beer. Prepare for an unexpected visit from LeChuck, who will send ghosts after you. Hold your own against these spectral enemies using root beer, or traditional weapons if you must.

Drop Root Beer into the Pot Inside Corina’s Voodoo Shop

With the ghosts defeated, access Corina’s voodoo shop and drop a bottle of root beer into the cauldron. Enjoy the ensuing cinematic as Corina warns you of more challenges ahead.

Finish Commendations and Watch the Final Cinematic

Before completing the mission, make sure to visit all 10 Memoir Spots on Melee Island and purchase the Melee Island history book with your collected coins. Return to Corina and activate the ending cinematic. If you’ve completed all commendations, you’ll unlock the exclusive Captain’s ship cosmetics.

That’s it, ye scurvy dogs! You’ve completed the first Monkey Island Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves. Prepare for more pirate-themed adventures and may the winds be ever in your favor!