Sea Of Thieves: Captaincy Demystified

Sea Of Thieves: Captaincy Demystified

A pirate’s life is never the same after achieving the rank of captain in Sea Of Thieves Season Seven! It’s not just about flaunting your wealth and looking fancy, being a captain comes with some awesome perks that will make plundering easier and more convenient. So, let’s dive into the world of captaincy and discover the adventures that await!

But first, let’s give a warm welcome to our updated guide, refreshed by the talented Sean Murray on July 27, 2023. This guide is here to make your journey as a captain smoother than a calm sea.

How To Buy A Ship

Buying a Ship

To become a captain, you first need to own a ship. No ship, no captaincy! Head to the ship selection menu to purchase your own vessel. It’s like shopping for your dream ship, but with gold as your currency. Choose between the nimble Sloop, the versatile Brigantine, or the grand Galleon. Each comes with its own price tag: 250,000 gold for the Sloop, 375,000 gold for the Brigantine, and a hefty 500,000 gold for the Galleon. So, choose wisely, captain!

Once you’ve made your selection, it’s time to give your ship a name. But remember, no cursing or offensive terms! Keep it pirate-friendly, matey. After naming your ship, confirm your purchase, and voila! You are now an official captain.

After the purchase, you’ll be transported to a sub-menu that provides valuable information and stats about your new vessel. You can restore your ship, rename it with a Renaming Deed, or even dismantle it if you feel adventurous. Ah, the joys of ship ownership!

New Ship Cosmetic Options For Captains

Ship Crest Trinkets Stolen Logbook

Being a captain not only grants you a ship but also unlocks a treasure trove of cosmetic options. You can now customize the interior and exterior of your ship with style and flair. From ship crests proudly displaying your ship’s name to trinkets and decorations that spruce up every corner, you can make your ship truly yours.

But wait, there’s more! Say goodbye to the tedious process of individually applying cosmetic items. You can now save specific cosmetic loadouts for your ship, making it look exactly how you want it from the moment you set sail.

And don’t forget your ship’s logbook! It keeps track of your pirate career, showcasing your voyage completions, gold earnings, crew members, and even how long it’s been since your ship last sank. The logbook is your personal pirate diary, filled with memories and milestones. Customize it to make it truly unique, just like your adventures on the high seas.

What The Shipwright Will Do For You

Shipwright Captain Voyages and Supplies

The Shipwrights are not just artists of the sea, painting ships with vibrant colors. They have some exclusive services tailored specifically for captains like yourself.

Aside from offering ship cosmetics, the Shipwrights now provide essential supplies. You can purchase bundles of fruit, meat, cannonballs, special cannonballs, wood, and bait. These supplies will be loaded into your ship’s barrels, ensuring you have everything needed for a successful plundering expedition.

But that’s not all! The Shipwrights also offer unique voyages exclusively for captains. Gold Hoarders, Order Of Souls, and Merchant’s Alliance all have voyages available for purchase. The level of voyages you can buy depends on your rank with each trading company. Choose between a single voyage or a convenient bundle of five.

The SovereGameTopics

SovereGameTopic SovereGameTopic Station

Ah, The SovereGameTopics! These elegant aristocrats will grace each of the seven main outposts across the sea. Their purpose? To make offloading your precious loot a breeze.

No more tedious trips to various trading companies to sell your loot. The SovereGameTopics gladly accept any treasure you bring, providing you with the gold and reputation you would have received elsewhere. It’s like having your personal treasure appraisal service right at your doorstep.

But beware, these refined NPCs are only interested in loot from captained ships. If you don’t have a captain’s hat on your head, they won’t be giving you the time of day. And remember, they don’t concern themselves with The Reaper’s Bones. No stolen emissary flags or ship logbooks will tickle their fancy.

Now, go forth, captain! Take to the seas, embrace the perks of captaincy, and let your ship and crew become the stuff of legends. May your voyages be filled with riches, challenges, and barrels of laughter!