RuneScape’s new Necromancy skill revolutionizes combat after 22 years.

RuneScape's new Necromancy skill revolutionizes combat after 22 years.

Necromancy: Raise the Undead and Unleash Your Inner Necromancer in RuneScape 3!

Do you have what it takes to command an army of the undead? That’s the question RuneScape 3’s latest skill, Necromancy, poses to its players. But this new skill is not just any old addition to the game – it’s a whole new combat style, resembling a brand new class in other MMOs. No more sticking to the traditional combat triangle of melee, range, and magic – Necromancy brings a fresh and alternative combat experience to the table. Whether you want to summon Skeleton Warriors or unleash devastating necrotic attacks, this skill offers a range of exciting new gameplay possibilities.

Necromancy breathes new life (or death) into RuneScape 3, introducing combat strategies that are both fun and refreshing. As a longtime player myself, I found the combat to be enjoyable, and the mechanics and customization options provided plenty of depth. It’s been almost two decades since I first dove into RuneScape’s combat mechanics, and Necromancy has managed to reignite that spark of excitement.

Speaking of mechanics, let’s delve into what Necromancy has to offer. The skill is divided into two halves: conjuring the undead and wielding necrotic attacks. You can unleash a horde of undead creatures like Skeleton Warriors and Putrid Zombies to fight alongside you and your Summoning familiar. Meanwhile, new abilities such as Finger of Death allow you to deal damage of your own. By stacking Necrosis, you can even reduce the adrenaline cost of these abilities. And let’s not forget the new incantations, like Life Transfer, which uses your own health to keep your undead creatures alive. But be prepared – casting these incantations requires more than just your average Air Rune. Necromancy brings four new runes to RuneScape 3: Bone, Flesh, Miasma, and Spirit Runes.

If you’re looking to specialize in Necromancy, you’ll love the Talent Tree system. Earn Talent Points through combat, unlock new powers at the Well of Souls, and add souls to the Well via Rituals to access higher tiers. This system allows you to customize your Necromancy journey based on your combat preferences. Fancy experimenting with new incantations or summoning even more undead followers? You can even unlock special attacks for your undead minions! The possibilities are endless.

Now, let’s talk gear. Necromancy introduces its own set of equipment, including Necromancy armor, the Death Guard for abilities, and the Spirit Lantern for raising spirits. Your gear progresses along with your skill level, so as you level up your Necromancy, you’ll be able to upgrade your gear all the way to Tier 90. However, if you aspire to wield the coveted Tier 95 gear – some of the highest-tier equipment in the game – you’ll need to defeat Rasial, one of the fearsome new bosses introduced with the skill.

But Necromancy isn’t just about combat. Rituals play a crucial role in gathering resources and upgrading your gear. Performing rituals adds a non-combat aspect to your training, allowing you to focus on specific resources and engage in an immersive and engaging activity. However, be prepared for unexpected disturbances during your rituals, like the appearance of a Wandering Spirit. These disruptions bring an unpredictable and exciting element reminiscent of RuneScape’s charming random events from years ago.

To explore the wonders of Necromancy, head to the City of Um, a new location exclusively dedicated to the skill. This city, constructed from the memories of the dead, evokes a mix of Venice and Gormenghast, with its gothic-style buildings and meandering gondolas. Um serves as the hub for all things Necromancy, housing the Well of Souls and various vendors. As you level up your skill, more spirits will return to the once-dead streets of Um, bringing life (well, sort of) back into this unique city.

But what ties everything together is the intriguing storyline. Nine new quests immerse you in the world of Necromancy, telling the tale of Rasial, the first Necromancer hell-bent on breaking the cycle of life and death. As his apprentice – and potential victim – you’ll journey through these quests, progressively unveiling the intricacies of the skill and facing off against Hermod and Rasial himself. Necromancy’s lore seamlessly integrates with the skill, offering RuneScape lore enthusiasts another reason to dive into this exciting new addition.

When Necromancy was announced, I was concerned it might be too similar to Summoning. However, after spending time with this skill, I’m pleased to report that Necromancy offers a unique blend of combat and gathering-focused gameplay. It grows more intricate as you level up, providing a wealth of activities and continuing the enthralling Necromancy storyline. The incorporation of other skills, such as Smithing, further enriches the journey to becoming a master Necromancer.

Now, we can’t forget about the impact of Necromancy on RuneScape’s combat landscape as a whole. With the release of this skill, the max combat level has risen from 139 to 152, challenging adventurers to reach new heights. Additionally, combat XP is now based on an enemy’s health points, rewarding you more for taking on tougher foes.

Necromancy officially arrives in RuneScape 3 on Monday, August 7th, and it’s time to embrace your inner Necromancer! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, this skill promises to bring a whole new dimension to your adventures in Gielinor. So gather your undead minions, prepare for epic battles, and get ready to raise some serious mayhem!

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Necromancy: Launch Gameplay Trailer – Rising Aug 7

Necromancy: Launch Gameplay Trailer - Rising Aug 7

With Necromancy, the possibilities are endless. Get ready to reshape RuneScape’s meta and unleash your newfound powers. Are you ready to embark on this bone-chilling adventure? The undead await your command!

Note: RuneScape 3 is available on PC and Mac, including via Steam, with a mobile version for iOS and Android.