Roto Force review – an imaginative and frantic twin-stick game

Roto Force review - an imaginative and frantic twin-stick game

Roto Force Review: An Explosion of Hectic Fun!

Roto Force trailer

Here’s what’s awesome about Roto Force – it’s like a twin-stick shooter, but not really. Imagine cramming yourself into the inside walls of an arena, while the baddies get to roam free. It might sound unfair, but fear not! You can unleash a lightning-fast dash that feels almost like teleportation. It’s like being stuck in a food processor, but with a sense of humor and tons of nuance.

But hey, let’s back up a bit. Roto Force is developed by Accidentally Awesome, and it retains the energy of a game jam. It’s that feeling of something being sketched out on paper and turning into something brilliantly bonkers as you watch it unfold. You won’t see much during your first playthrough because it’s so fast and mind-bogglingly frantic. But don’t worry, it’s all part of the friendly blur!

Roto Force

The world of Roto Force is a visual feast, transporting you back to the Game Boy Player 8-Bit era. It’s all about chunky sprites and vibrant colors, with enemies drawn from various dimensions. From battling penguin guys that throw fish (?) at you to facing goopy bubbles emerging from walls, each level is packed with surprises.

Unlockable modifiers

And don’t get me started on the unlockable modifiers! Roto Force lets you mix things up, from limiting your movement to dashing only, to reloading weapons mid-dash. It’s like having a treasure trove of chaos at your fingertips.

Learning is the name of the game here. Knowing when to dash, when to unleash a super dash, and how to position yourself while dodging devilish bosses and mini-bosses is key. Keep an eye on the changing arenas and color schemes, and embrace the challenge with a smile.


But let’s talk about the weapons. They’re truly ingenious, each with its own unique playstyle and controls. From rapid shots to homing shots, ricocheting lasers to bouncy bombs, Roto Force keeps you on your toes. It’s like playing a delightful game of Treasure roulette!

Accessibility options are also available, allowing players to customize their experience. From changing game speed and damage dealt to toggling assistive features, Roto Force welcomes everyone to the party.

Roto Force

In the end, Roto Force is like a tightly wound Jack-in-the-box, bursting with explosive energy. It challenges you to dive into its various moods and components, revealing an upside-down world of creativity and mayhem. So press that big red button and get ready for the eruption of fun!