Roblox: Adopt Me! – Diamond Lavender Guide

Roblox: Adopt Me! - Diamond Lavender Guide

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Pets in Adopt Me! on Roblox come and go. While many unique pets are event-exclusive and hard to acquire, there are also permanent pets that you can find. One such pet is the Ladybug, which comes in a few different variations. So let’s dive in and learn how to obtain these adorable little insects!

To obtain a Ladybug, the key is to get your hands on some Diamond Lavender. In this guide, we’ll show you how to obtain Diamond Lavender and introduce you to all the possible Ladybug variations you can collect. First things first, let’s find out where to get this special lavender.

Buying Diamond Lavender

Farm Shop

To purchase Diamond Lavender, head to the Farm Shop. You can do this quickly by opening your inventory, going to the food tab, and pressing the plus button. A popup will appear, asking if you want to teleport to the Farm Shop. By accepting, you’ll teleport inside the shop.

If you prefer walking, you can find the Farm Shop on the outer ring surrounding Adoption Island. Just take a right from the red bridge behind the Nursery, and you’ll see a windmill atop the Farm Shop.

Inside the shop, you’ll meet two NPCs: Lily the Ladybug and Justin. Lily has Diamond Lavender available for purchase.

Diamond Lavender Price: To buy one Diamond Lavender, you’ll need 199 Robux, the paid currency in Roblox.

Taming A Ladybug

Taming a Ladybug

Once you have the Diamond Lavender, equip it and hold it in your hand. The process of taming a Ladybug is simple. Just click anywhere to trigger a short animation that will attract Ladybugs towards you. Eventually, one lucky Ladybug will eat the Diamond Lavender and become your pet.

Ladybug Types

Ladybug Types

There are three types of Ladybugs you can obtain with Diamond Lavender. Unfortunately, there’s no way to increase your chance of getting a rarer Ladybug.

Check out each Ladybug type and their chances of obtaining:

Ladybug Type Rarity Chances To Obtain
Ladybug (normal) Ultra Rare 35 in 40
Golden Ladybug Legendary 4 in 40
Diamond Ladybug Legendary 1 in 40

As you can see, there’s a very high chance of receiving a normal Ladybug. But with a little luck and a few more Diamond Lavenders, you might just get one of those legendary Ladybugs!

Now that you know how to obtain Ladybugs in Adopt Me!, go out there and collect these adorable little creatures. Happy hunting!

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