“Remnant 2’s challenging data mining puzzle was cracked by an unlikely hero armed with just Red Bull, a fridge full of it, and the help of ChatGPT – GameTopic.”

"Remnant 2's challenging data mining puzzle was cracked by an unlikely hero armed with just Red Bull, a fridge full of it, and the help of ChatGPT - GameTopic."

“The Cult of Secrets”

The folks over at Gunfire Games, the brilliant minds behind the looter-shooter soulslike Remnant 2, definitely have a soft spot for secrets. Rich Vorodi, one of the team’s principal game designers, spoke with GameTopic about their obsession with hiding mysterious treasures throughout their games. “We simply love sprinkling secrets everywhere,” he exclaimed. “It sparks conversations among people we’ve never even met and adds a touch of awe and intrigue.”

In the past, their efforts to keep their game under wraps were met with disappointment due to data mining, which spoiled some surprises. But Gunfire Games didn’t let that dampen their spirits. Instead, they hatched a plan to use data mining to their advantage, three years in the making. Ben Cureton, Remnant 2’s principal game desGameTopicer on progression and gear, explained, “We can’t escape data miners. That got us thinking, ‘Hey, let’s come up with something mind-boggling that makes them go, ’What’s this?’ We toyed with the idea of a puzzle, a math equation, or some really bizarre stuff. We had plenty of theories.”

One of these ideas made the cut: hiding one of the coveted archetypes behind a puzzle that only data miners could crack. As expected, the Remnant 2 community wasted no time in datamining the game, uncovering all the items and unlockables, except for the final archetype. The players’ attention shifted to a mysterious “corrupted” door that remained firmly shut. Days turned into endless hours, and that’s when a group of devoted players and data miners joined forces on Discord to unravel the enigma.

Among them was Oliver Nikolic, better known as Barut, an unlikely hero with no prior experience in data mining and programming. Armed with 15 cans of Red Bull and a subscription to ChatGPT, Barut dove headfirst into this challenge. He stumbled upon a Reddit post about the door, which led him to the secret-solving Discord. Barut described the different groups that formed within the community: those searching for in-game clues, hackers, dataminers, and his own eclectic group, combining various approaches. The obsession grew stronger as days went by, even infiltrating Barut’s thoughts during daily activities.

Barut’s tireless efforts spanned five sleep-deprived days, filled with back-and-forth exchanges with fellow data miners, Google searches to acquire new skills, and the occasional use of ChatGPT to generate scripts. Despite being met with skepticism by veteran data miners, Barut’s breakthrough came when he asked ChatGPT to search for corrupted items. The answer lay in the fact that there was only one corrupted item per slot in a player’s loadout. Equipping a full loadout of corrupted items would unlock the path beyond the mysterious door.

The Discord community decided to put Barut’s theory to the test, and to their astonishment, it worked! Suddenly, the community changed their tune about Barut’s seemingly outrageous ideas. His dedication had paid off, but it was the collective effort of the entire community that made this triumph possible.

Throughout this thrilling adventure, Gunfire Games watched from the shadows, pleased with the results of their mischievous plan. They even dropped subtle hints, teasing the secret hunting community that data mining was the key to success. Reflecting on the whole experience, Colin Post, Remnant 2’s art director, admitted that data mining could spoil the fun of games, but in this case, they fully embraced it. The community’s response to this unique puzzle was overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising Remnant’s innovative approach.

But Gunfire Games understands that lightning doesn’t strike twice. “You can only do it once,” Vorodi explained. “Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, there’s no going back. If you know our games, you know we love hiding secrets everywhere. The chances of us pulling off another mind-boggling secret are high, but who knows how it will unfold?”

The saga of Remnant 2’s hidden archetype will forever be remembered as a legendary feat, accomplished by a passionate community fueled by secrets and 15 cans of Red Bull.

Ok this is fucking insanely unique and VERY cool. A playable class that only dataminers can find. That’s sick – Skarrow9 (@Skarrow9) July 29, 2023

I’m telling you, Remnant II is something else entirely. I’m consistently blown away. An absolute gem. – TehMidge (Mikey Perfected) (@TehMidgeQA) July 29, 2023