Remnant 2: Red Prince Boss Guide

Remnant 2: Red Prince Boss Guide

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If you’re looking for a true test of your skills in Remnant 2, then the Red Prince is worth paying a visit. This absolute beast can turn into quite the brick wall to progression if you’re unlucky enough to start off in Losonm as he’ll pound you into the dirt over and over again with some cheap moves.


He’s a real spike in difficulty, and it’s hard enough to take him down on your own, let alone with a group. Especially with how fast he moves, how often his attacks fire out, and how tiny the arena becomes thanks to a lovely big instant-kill move he likes to do. So to help you take him down a peg, here’s how to beat the Red Prince in Remnant 2.

How To Find The Red Prince


A red-armored blood-thirsty noble that dwells within the gilded hidden halls of Losonm. The Red Prince is at first an NPC, but with the right dialogue choices, you can fight him as an optional boss in Remnant 2.

It’s quite a brutal brawl, but it’s worth it as taking down this flaming sword-throwing nutcase rewards you with the Firestorm Weapon Mod. This summons a flaming cyclone that sucks in nearby monsters, deals BURN, and anything in the center of it is hit with 75 Fire Damage every second for fifteen seconds.

To take on the Red Prince, you need to find the entrance to the Gilded Chambers in Losonm. He’s at the end of a dungeon, and you just need to talk to him, and the conversation will lead to a fight if you refuse his offer or choose to insult him.

How To Beat The Red Prince


The Red Prince is very fast and he wants you very dead. There’s only one arena to fight in, but he has a pretty nasty trick that shrinks it considerably and instantly kills anyone too slow enough to react, so it can be pretty frustrating. The biggest piece of advice is to bring your strongest gun, thickest armor, and a full party or at least one co-op partner to draw aggro and help you whittle him down.

In his first phase, the Prince will aggressively go on the attack as he floats around the arena. If you’re playing solo he’ll continually rush you down with big swings of his fiery sword or will perform projectile attacks if you get too far away. The first is a fiery wave in the shape of a slash, and the other is a set of flaming swords that fire out in a shotgun spray arc.


Both of these attacks can be rolled through to avoid, and it’s highly recommended you do. If you get hit, it will permanently stack CURSE on you, limiting your health bar size permanently until you run out of room in your bar or die from another hit. They’re part of his basic attack pattern, so they’ll pop off often. Just roll out of the way, try to stay on the opposite floor from him, and keep dumping damage at his head as it’s his weak point.

Attacks Description
Flame spears Five flaming spears circle the prince and then fire out from his front and sides.
Teleport Stab If you wander too far from the Prince he’ll teleport directly to you and open with a single strike and then a three-hit-combo.
Flame Swing The Prince sends a flaming arc with a sword swing.
The Fire Wave A circle of fire will appear with a safe spot in the center. Anything not inside it will instantly die.

The Ring Of Fire


The other big attack that you’re going to learn to hate is the Fire Wave and it’s worth highlighting it. This second phase move activates after the Red Prince gets to around half health, and from then on, it gets folded into his move list as he cycles through his attacks. When it triggers, you’ll see the entire room fill with a wall of fire that will extend out and then start to rapidly shrink in. The center circle of the arena is the only safe spot, and if you’re left standing on the lower tier or the outer circles by the time the fire starts to sweep back in, you’re dead.

There’s no damage tick down, it’s instant death, and the same applies if you happen to either fall or get knocked out of the center circle before the flames disappear again. This attack is a real test of your patience, and the entire time you’re trapped in that small spot, the Red Prince is still attacking.


While stuck in this spot, the Red Prince will also continue his projectile attacks as well as a close-range sweep, a charging DMC-style stinger, and on the floor near the edges of the circle are small pools of fire that will inflict a burn debuff on you whenever they’re stood on. The Fire Clones will also appear and hound you in this small area, so it’s a lot popping off all at once.

Your only option here is to just continually dodge and try to stay out of the Red Prince’s range until the flame walls disappear. You can dump some damage on him, but it’s going to be minimal as the spacing between the attack cycles is just a few seconds, and those hits really hurt and still inflict you with CURSE. So all around it’s not a great spot to be in.

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