Remnant 2: Nightweaver Boss Guide (Alternate Kills Included)

Remnant 2: Nightweaver Boss Guide (Alternate Kills Included)

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss Guide

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Phase 1

The Nightweaver in Remnant 2 is one spooky boss you don’t want to mess with. She’s got tricks up her sleeve and an appearance that gives you the creeps. Just wait till you see what she has in store for you in her second phase – it’s a whole new level of intensity!

If you’re new to the series, battling Nightweaver might leave you scratching your head. Her attacks are unpredictable, and she knows how to catch you off-guard. But fear not, even as a first-time boss, you can send this ghostly menace back to where she came from.

Phase 1: Predictable Attacks, Easy Dodges

Nightweaver’s first phase is a warm-up compared to what’s coming next. Her attacks are slow and easy to dodge (except for one, stay on your toes!). You’ll want to focus on landing as many shots as possible to trigger the second phase of the fight.

Her ice projectiles move at a snail’s pace, so slow that you can drink a cup of tea while dodging them (well, almost!). Sprinting to the side is your best bet since they have a slight tracking effect. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to fire off some extra shots and conserve stamina.

Now, the most threatening moves in this phase are Nightweaver’s lunging melee attacks. She’s got two variations – arm swipes and a delayed tail swipe. Rolling toward the boss will help you dodge both. Just be aware of her ground slam move afterward, it packs a walloping surprise.

Out of all the tactics we’ve tried, the one that worked best was staying at a distance to force Nightweaver into her projectile attacks. Equip upgraded weapons with damage-dealing mods and unleash havoc on her HP. Once she’s down, brace yourself for the real deal.

The Second Phase: An Asylum Showdown

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Break Her Heart

In the second phase, Nightweaver shows no mercy. She teleports you into the asylum, ramping up her aggression. Get ready for a deadly mix of melee attacks and slow-flying ice projectiles within the tight confines of the asylum.

To improve your odds of survival, we strongly recommend fighting her in the main lobby. It offers more space, making dodging easier. Plus, you won’t get grabbed through walls or ambushed by pesky bugs. As for a secondary weapon, the Enigma is the perfect tool to deal with her suicidal minions.

Prepare for Nightweaver’s more frequent attacks, but don’t panic – they’re still dodgeable. Keep an eye out for her grab attack that drains your health, and her ice ball/leap combo that’s as deadly as ever. Dodging these moves may take a few tries, but once you’ve nailed the rhythm, you’ll feel like a boss yourself.

The ultimate strategy here is to stay in the lobby, patiently waiting for Nightweaver to reappear. Equip a secondary weapon with the Scrap Shot mod to hamper her mobility and give yourself a fighting chance.

Nightweaver Alternate Kill: Break Her Heart

If you manage to defeat Nightweaver, congratulations! Your reward is the Nightfall – an automatic rifle with infinite ammo and the sweet boost of lifesteal. However, if you want the Nightshade claw weapons, you’ll have to go the extra mile and pull off her alt kill.

To perform the alt kill, you need to literally break Nightweaver’s heart. When she summons her exploding insect pets, she exposes her chest cavity and heart. Shoot the heart to inflict Weakspot damage, and keep firing until it glows blue.

Defeat Nightweaver with her broken heart, and she’ll drop the Nightweaver’s Finger item, essential for crafting Nightshade. But beware, if you get hit by her grab attack in the second phase, her heart will regenerate, forcing you to break it all over again. When fighting indoors, she’ll only expose her heart while spawning bugs from her cozy spot on the ceiling.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge and wit to take on the Nightweaver in Remnant 2. May your bullets fly true and your dodges be nimble, my fellow gamers!

Remnant 2 is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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