PS5 Game’s Platinum Trophy Currently Unattainable Due to Technical Difficulty

PS5 Game's Platinum Trophy Currently Unattainable Due to Technical Difficulty

Street Fighter 6: The Platinum Trophy Mystery

Street Fighter 6 Key Art

Hey there, fellow fighters! Let’s talk about the raging rumors surrounding Street Fighter 6’s elusive Platinum trophy on PS5 and the achievements on Xbox. This game has been causing waves ever since its release last month, receiving critical acclaim and being hailed as the best installment in the series so far. But, hey, it’s not all perfect in the world of street brawling.

While Street Fighter 6’s online multiplayer has had its fair share of success, the game has faced some server issues and a few hiccups with its tournaments. You see, the tournament mode has been acting all funky, and it’s currently impossible for fans to unlock that shiny Platinum trophy. So close, yet so far!

The tournament mode in Street Fighter 6 is where the magic happens. Players can head over to the Battle Hub and join in on the tournament action for a chance to earn some sweet achievements. But hold your horses! Due to these pesky issues, everyone is left waiting for Capcom to work their magic and bring back the tournaments. Only then will the Platinum trophy be within our grasp.

Speaking of achievements, there are three tied to tournaments in Street Fighter 6. The “Gazing at the Peak” achievement is for entering a tournament, “Steely Determination” requires joining five tournaments, and “Dominating Like a Ninja” calls for winning 10 tournament matches. Now, this last one has caused some confusion. The achievement description claims you need to win 10 tournaments, but fear not! In reality, you just have to slay your foes in 10 matches within those tournaments. Phew! It’s still quite the challenge, but not as impossible as it seems.

Don’t let these tournament troubles get you down, fellow fighters! Capcom is committed to unleashing new content regularly, including tournaments, game modes, cosmetics, and even new characters. So, while the Platinum trophy may be out of reach for now, it’s just a matter of time before we can all claim it as our own.

Street Fighter 6 is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Get ready to throw down and show off your skills!

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