Pokemon Sleep: Linking and Using the Pokemon GO Plus+

Pokemon Sleep: Linking and Using the Pokemon GO Plus+

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Before we dive into the wonders of Pokemon Sleep, let’s take a moment to appreciate the genius behind the name of the Pokemon GO Plus+ accessory. I mean, who doesn’t love a good old double-down on a word? Classic Nintendo innovation!

But enough about the name, let’s get into the exciting stuff. We’ve got the lowdown on how the Pokemon GO Plus+ can connect with Pokemon Sleep, why it does that, and why you should care. Trust me, there’s some seriously cool tech here and we’re here to spill all the beans.

Pairing The Pokemon GO Plus+

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Linking your trusty Pokemon GO Plus+ device to your smartphone is as easy as catching a Magikarp. To start, make sure you’ve already downloaded Pokemon Sleep to your phone. (We’ll keep things simple by referring to phones, but you can totally play Pokemon Sleep on other gadgets like iPads if that’s your style).

If you haven’t already, create an account on the Pokemon Sleep app. You can even use your Pokemon GO account because the Pokemon GO Plus+ is all about multi-app functionality. Once you’ve gotten through the starter tutorial and said hi to the new professor, you’ll find yourself in the main menu.

Now, this is where the real magic happens. Click on “Settings and More” and scroll down to the Pokemon GO Plus+ section. Finally, click on “Pair a device”. And just like that, the pairing process will begin!

How To Use The Pokemon GO Plus+

Pairing is all well and good, but what’s the point? Well, my dear Pokemon trainers, the Pokemon GO Plus+ has two major advantages over using your smart device to track your sleep in the Pokemon Sleep app.

Firstly, the Pokemon Sleep app requires your smart device to stay on overnight and be next to you in bed. Now, it’s not often that our little pocket companions have issues staying on for long periods of time. I mean, come on, they’re built for marathon Pokemon GO sessions! But there’s always a tiny bit of concern when our phones have to chill beside us, risking slipping beneath our pillows or overheating in the process.

Thanks to its nifty Bluetooth technology, you don’t need to keep your smartphone beside you if you have the Pokemon GO Plus+ device. Just place it next to your sleepy self, and it’ll seamlessly communicate with your phone or tablet. It’s like a magical portal connecting the Pokemon Sleep app to your slumber land. How cool is that?

Getting ready for bed? Just press the central button on the Pokemon GO Plus+ until the light turns blue. Now, snuggle in for some quality snooze time. And when you wake up from your precious beauty sleep, press the button again to let Pokemon Sleep know you’re officially back in the land of the conscious. Good morning, world!

The Perks Of GOing Plus+

Okay, we’ve covered all the practical perks of the Pokemon GO Plus+, but let’s not forget that this is Pokemon we’re talking about. Fun is an integral part of the franchise, and rest assured, there are some delightful gameplay-related bonuses waiting for you.

First up, we have an exclusive Pikachu wearing a stylish nightcap. You won’t find this dashing Pikachu anywhere else, and it’s here to help you level up your Snorlax-raising adventures in Pokemon Sleep.

But wait, Pikachu has more tricks up its adorable sleeve. This little champ can actually sing lullabies! And as you continue using the device, it becomes even friendlier, adding more cute noises to its already impressive repertoire. A musical Pikachu? I’m sold!