Pokemon GO should include the Aether Foundation.

Pokemon GO should include the Aether Foundation.

Pokemon GO Needs More Than Just Team GO Rocket

During Pokemon GO’s earliest days, Niantic made strides to revolutionize the Pokemon experience on a mobile app. Starting with Gen 1, it was inevitable that Team GO Rocket would make its appearance as Pokemon GO’s main villain team. Over time, Niantic has expanded the Team GO Rocket storyline by introducing new leaders, Shadow Pokemon mechanics, and even encounters with iconic characters like Jessie, James, and Giovanni from the anime. However, since its launch in 2016, Pokemon GO hasn’t added any alternative villain teams, causing the game to become stagnant.

Players have grown tired of consistently dealing with Team GO Rocket’s antics and repetitive gameplay. Niantic continues to focus on Team GO Rocket, neglecting the opportunity to introduce fresh and exciting content. While rumors circulate about the addition of Gen 3’s villain teams, Pokemon GO should aim to offer a more diverse and immersive trainer experience. It’s time to introduce a positive counterpart to Team GO Rocket and shake up the game’s formula.


The Aether Foundation Would Be Perfect for Pokemon GO

For Pokemon GO, it’s time to break free from the repetitive cycle and introduce something entirely new. Rather than replacing Team GO Rocket with other villain teams, Niantic should consider adding a group that takes the game in a brand-new direction. The Aether Foundation offers a great opportunity to diversify gameplay. In the mainline series, they emerged alongside Team Skull as a force for good, aiming to heal and protect Pokemon. This means they can act as a perfect counterbalance to Team GO Rocket’s malevolence.


The Aether Foundation’s existence is already confirmed in Pokemon GO through the Ultra Beasts, Ultra Space wormholes, and Rhi. By introducing the Aether Foundation as a new “team” for players to encounter, it would add much-needed diversity to the game’s storyline and mechanics. However, instead of just battles, the Foundation’s employees could provide unique tasks like catching and healing injured Pokemon in the overworld, and even sending players on local patrols using the game’s routes. This expansion would balance the game’s formula while offering a refreshing gameplay loop.

Pokemon GO needs to break free from its formulaic rut and deliver a fresh and exciting experience. Adding the Aether Foundation as a positive counterpart to Team GO Rocket is just what the game needs to keep players engaged and excited. So grab your phones and get ready to embark on a new adventure in the world of Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS devices.

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