Pikmin 4: Mastering Oatchi Commands

Pikmin 4: Mastering Oatchi Commands

The task of finding all the last crew members, castaways, and Olimar himself is certainly a daunting one in Pikmin 4. This mysterious planet is filled with large stages that have plenty for players to discover. Luckily, players do not have to take on this mission alone. While Pikmin 4 players will primarily command an army of Pikmin that grows progressively larger over the course of the game, they will also be accompanied by the adorable space dog that is known as Oatchi.

This faithful companion is capable of many things from breaking down barriers to helping carry resources back to the ship. But when players need their companion to do something specific, they can give Oatchi commands.

How to Give Oatchi Commands

How to Give Oatchi Commands

Once Pikmin 4 players have progressed far enough into the story, they will be able to give Oatchi commands. This is accomplished in-game by holding down ‘Y’. Doing so makes a wheel appear. On this wheel, players can disband their group, use items in their pack, switch between controlling their avatar or Oatchi, and give Oatchi commands.

Once the wheel appears, use the left stick to select ‘Command’ and then press ‘A’ to open the Commands menu.

Commands menu

What Sort of Commands Can be Given to Oatchi?

At the start of the game, Pikmin 4 players have access to six commands. The commands for Oatchi are as follows:

  • Pick Up a Scent: This command allows Oatchi to pick up a scent that will help players.
  • Find Castaways: When selected, Oatchi will seek out the nearest Castaway if there are any that remain to be found in a stage.
  • Find Treasure: With this command, Oatchi will follow the scent of any treasures that players have yet to acquire.
  • Find Onions: By following the scent of an onion and claiming it, players will be able to gain access to additional kinds of Pikmin.
  • Find Raw Material: Use this command to find more piles of raw materials, which can be used to make gear and items.
  • Find Ice Pikmin: This command will allow players to find any Ice Pikmin that are nearby, including ones that are in underground areas.

How to Get More Commands

Unlocking more commands

As players progress through the game, they will unlock more commands for Oatchi. In addition, Pikmin 4 players can also gain more commands for Oatchi by purchasing additional levels of Command on the Training menu with Pup Drive. With the second level purchased, players will be able to command Oatchi to return to the base or call Oatchi to them. It also gives players the ability to use the Go Here command. Upon purchasing the third level of Command, players will be able to command Oatchi to locate and gather any lost Pikmin.

Pikmin 4 is available now on Nintendo Switch. Enjoy commanding Oatchi and leading your army of Pikmin to victory!