One Piece: Admirals’ Bounties Explained

One Piece: Admirals' Bounties Explained

The Cross Guild – The Bounty Hunting Revolution!

Buggy leading the Cross Guild

The world of One Piece is going bonkers as the Final Saga unfolds! From Egghead Island to Pirate Island, every twist and turn is sending shockwaves around the globe. But amidst the chaos, a game-changing decision has rocked the power balance: the Warlords have been stripped of their powers! And out of the ashes rises the fearsome Cross Guild, led by none other than the legendary Buggy, who has ascended to become one of the Four Emperors of the Sea! These high-ranking members of the Cross Guild have become a threat not only to the pirates but also to the World Government itself!

The Cross Guild’s Bounties – Pirates, Meet the Hunters!

Cross Guild members

The Cross Guild, masterminded by Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk, has set the high seas ablaze with their monstrous bounties. But what makes them truly fearsome is their audacious move to put bounties on the heads of the Marines! Yes, you heard that right – the Navy’s finest are now being hunted by bounty hunters, just like the pirates they used to chase. It’s a whole new ball game, my friends! Whether it’s Marine Captains, SWORD members, Vice Admirals, or even the Admirals themselves – nobody is safe from the ruthless Cross Guild. They’ve launched an all-out assault on the Navy, winning the hearts of the common folk and making the World Government break out in a cold sweat!

The Admirals – Navy’s Powerhouses and Bounty Bonanzas!

Admirals’ Might

The Admirals – the World Government’s elite warriors, armed with mind-blowing Devil Fruit powers and Haki that could make even the Yonko tremble in their boots! These bad boys (and girls!) are not to be messed with. Formerly consisting of Kuzan, Sakazuki, and Borsalino, the trio was known for their godlike abilities. Fast forward to the present, and we have Issho (Fujitora), Aramaki (Ryokugyu), and Borsalino (Kizaru) donning the Admiral ranks. These powerhouses possess Devil Fruits so darn insanely powerful that even the devil himself might get jealous! Kizaru turns into light, Fujitora manipulates gravity, while Ryokugyu morphs into a walking forest! And let’s not forget their impeccable Haki game – these Admirals have Observation and Armament Haki so polished that it could be used as a mirror! In fact, during the Marineford showdown, they combined their Armament Haki to halt one of Whitebeard’s monstrous quakes. Talk about powerhouse teamwork!

Bounties of the Admirals – A Treasure Worth Billions!

Fujitora’s swordplay

With great power comes a jaw-dropping bounty that would make any treasure hunter weak in the knees! The Cross Guild, recognizing the sheer might of these Admirals, has slapped a colossal bounty on their heads – not just any bounty, but a Three Crown Bounty! Each crown represents a billion berries, making it a staggering 3 billion berry bonanza for anyone who dares to take them down. These bounties are on par with those of the mighty Yonko themselves, highlighting the terrifying strength and danger these Admirals bring to the table. To put things into perspective, even the legendary Garp’s bounty is all in on the Three Crowns action! And let’s not forget, had Garp been in his prime, his bounty would’ve soared even higher, proving that age ain’t nothing but a number!

The Fleet Admiral – The Elusive, The Formidable!

Sakazuki, the fearsome Fleet Admiral

While we eagerly await details on the most esteemed figure in the Navy – the Fleet Admiral – one thing is for certain: this mighty leader holds a bounty like no other. Sakazuki, the current Fleet Admiral and the epitome of raw power, is the Navy’s supreme weapon against the Four Emperors. His unbelievable strength, showcased during the Marineford arc, solidifies his position as the Navy’s vanguard. And with his aggressive stance and move into the treacherous New World, his bounty is undoubtedly higher than the Admirals. A Four Crown Bounty is not out of the realm of possibility for the Fleet Admiral, though only Eiichiro Oda can unveil the truth. So, fellow pirates and bounty hunters, keep your eyes peeled for the day when Sakazuki’s true worth is finally revealed!

Sakazuki, the Fleet Admiral

As the Final Saga reaches its climax, we can’t help but anticipate Sakazuki’s grand entrance. Brace yourselves, because when it happens, the roar of battle and the reveal of Sakazuki’s mighty bounty will leave us in awe. The stage is set, the crosshairs are drawn, and the world of One Piece hangs in the balance.