Nintendo Switch eShop pulls The Last of Us clone – GameTopic

Nintendo Switch eShop pulls The Last of Us clone - GameTopic

Nintendo Switch pulls The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival from the eShop due to copyright claims made by Sony!

The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival

In a rather unexpected turn of events, The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival, a third-person action zombie game for the Nintendo Switch, has been ripped away from the comforting confines of the eShop. Yes, you heard it right, ladies and gentlemen. It’s game over for The Last Hope!

If you were hoping to dive into this game’s post-apocalyptic world, you’re in for some heartbreak. The official store page on the Nintendo UK eShop has vanished into thin air, leaving behind nothing but a pesky 404 error message. And as if that wasn’t enough, all the trailers for the game have mysteriously disappeared too. It’s like they were erased from existence!

But what caused this digital doomsday, you ask? Well, it seems that copyright claims made by Sony, the gaming powerhouse behind beloved titles such as The Last of Us, had something to do with it. Looks like the folks at Sony weren’t too keen on The Last Hope’s uncanny resemblance to their 2013 masterpiece. Oops!

We reached out to PlayStation, Nintendo, and V.G. Games (the team behind The Last Hope) for some juicy details, but alas, they have remained tight-lipped. Come on, guys, spill the beans! We need answers!

Now, let’s rewind and take a moment to reflect on the rollercoaster ride that was The Last Hope’s short-lived existence on the eShop. Released just a few months ago in June, it didn’t take long for gamers to start comparing it to Naughty Dog’s magnum opus. And let’s just say, the reviews weren’t exactly glowing.

Some bold souls out there even went as far as dubbing it “the worst game” they’ve ever played. Ouch! Even Digital Foundry’s very own John Linneman had some harsh words for this unfortunate creation. In his technical breakdown last month, Linneman sagely declared, “The Last Hope is game-topically designed to take your money. There is no game here – this is effectively a scam.” Strong words, indeed.

But hey, let’s not dwell too much on the negatives, shall we? If you’re craving some epic zombie action on your Nintendo Switch, fear not! For a truly unforgettable experience, we highly recommend you check out The Last of Us Part I, complete with our rock-solid 9/10 review. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

So, let us bid adieu to The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival and embrace the glorious adventures that await us in other virtual realms. And to Taylor, our intrepid reporter at GameTopic, keep doing what you do best! We’ll be eagerly following your gaming escapades on Twitter @TayNixster.

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