Nintendo Switch 2, set to launch in 2024, is already in the hands of developers, according to a report.

Nintendo Switch 2, set to launch in 2024, is already in the hands of developers, according to a report.

Rumored Nintendo Console in 2024: Fun and Exciting News!

Hey gamers, have you heard the latest fun-filled gossip? Prepare yourself for a wild ride because rumors are swirling about a new Nintendo console set to release in 2024. Get ready to put on your gaming glasses and dive into a whole new adventure!

According to trusty sources at VGC, development kits for Nintendo’s next-gen console are already being passed around like Mom’s homemade cookies at “key partner studios.” You know what that means – game developers are huddling together, brainstorming exciting new adventures to wow us all. Let the anticipation commence!

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are known for slipping their development kits into the hands of select studios ahead of launch. No names have been named yet, but imagine the excitement buzzing behind those closed doors. Who could it be? Your favorite studio? Your favorite game? Start placing your bets now!

So, when can we finally get our hands on this shiny new gaming gem? According to multiple sources, the release is tentatively set for the latter half of 2024. But hold your Wiimotes, pricing details are still under wraps. For context, our beloved Nintendo Switch gracefully danced into our lives at $300. Will this new console follow suit, or will it bring some wildcard surprises? Only time will tell.

Now, let’s talk about this rumored console, shall we? Nintendo has kept its cards close to its chest, providing no official information. However, the grapevine suggests that this next-gen system will offer a “portable mode,” in the same vein as our beloved Switch. Picture yourself gaming on the go, the wind in your hair, and pure happiness emanating from your Mario-loving heart.

The rumor mill churns further, suggesting that an LCD screen may replace the OLED version to keep costs in check. Fear not, dear gamers, as this console is said to rock both physical games through a cartridge slot and digital games. A perfect combination for those who enjoy that nostalgic sniff of fresh plastic and the satisfaction of an instant download.

Here’s a fun throwback – remember when Nintendo revealed that their next console would retain the same account system for seamless enjoyment? Well, it seems like we’ll continue to game effortlessly from one generation to the next. Hallelujah for not needing a PhD in computer science just to log in!

As always, Nintendo has kept their lips sealed, leaving us hungry for more juicy details. GameSpot has reached out to the gaming giant for an official comment, but until then, we can only sharpen our swords of anticipation.

“Hold on a minute!” you might interject, “What about the rumors of a more powerful Switch? Wasn’t there talk of a ‘pro’ model?” Ah, dear gamer, those rumors have been swirling around for what feels like an eternity. While Nintendo never confirmed them, they did promise us a new console before the year 2100. Let’s hope it’s not a holographic console where we can only play games with our minds!

Time to journey back down memory lane. Nintendo graced us with the Switch Lite in 2019 and the OLED model in October 2021. Alas, we mere mortals never got our hands on that mythical Switch “pro” model. Will Nintendo seize the opportunity to surprise us this time? Keep those fingers crossed, my friends.

Now, let’s not forget the undeniable triumph of the Nintendo Switch. It has dazzled us for seven glorious years with its unique ability to keep us gaming at home and on the go. Doug Bowser (yes, that’s his real name), Nintendo’s marketing executive, told the AP that he has “nothing to announce” about the next Nintendo hardware. However, he hilariously added that they feel “very bullish” about the current model. That’s a fancy way of saying they’re ridiculously excited about how well it’s doing!

“We’re about to embark on an uncharted journey with this platform,” said Bowser, with a twinkle in his eye. The demand for Nintendo’s magical creation continues to defy expectations, leaving us all in awe. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure chest full of gold coins in a game – exhilarating!

But here’s the real question that’s been keeping us all up at night: What’s next? Bowser insists that Nintendo’s aim is to “surprise and delight” their grateful customers. They want our jaws to hit the floor, our eyes to light up like Power Stars. Together, let’s imagine the endless possibilities of joyous gaming experiences. Let’s dream of new, extraordinary ways to save Princess Peach and conquer every virtual mountain before us!

“But wait!” you proclaim, “Tell us more about the Nintendo Switch games in 2023!” Fear not, brave adventurers, we have the best recommendations to keep you thoroughly entertained until this new console hits the shelves.

Let’s start with “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” This delightful gem will whisk you away to a tropical paradise, where you can shake trees, catch fish, and build everlasting friendships with adorable animal villagers. It’s time to dive headfirst into island life and leave your worries at the airport gate.

If you’re ready for an action-packed adventure, then “Bayonetta 3” is your game. This bewitching series lets you unleash the power of a badass witch battling against formidable foes. Brace yourself for insane combos, jaw-dropping set pieces, and a story that will leave you craving more. Trust me, this game will make you feel like the coolest person on the planet!

Now, let’s take a calming journey up “Celeste” Mountain. This platforming marvel will test both your platforming skills and your sanity. Prepare to fall down bottomless pits, dodge treacherous spikes, and die… a lot. But fear not, dear gamers, as the triumphant moments of reaching the summit will make you feel like a legendary hero. Just don’t forget to take breaks and breathe, my friends!

If you’re in the mood for some old-school charm, look no further than “Cuphead.” This challenging side-scrolling shooter will transport you to the golden age of animation, where every frame is a work of art. Get ready to throw fists and bullets at your foes, all while swaying to a jazz-infused soundtrack. I promise you, this game will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a vibrant and magical cartoon world.

For the roguelike enthusiasts out there, “Dead Cells” will scratch that itch. This beautifully brutal game will have you exploring procedurally generated dungeons while slashing your way through hordes of enemies. It’s all about building combos, mastering weapons, and overcoming the relentless challenges thrown your way. Prepare for countless deaths, but with each one, you’ll come back stronger and more determined than ever before.

Lastly, let’s dive into the immersive world of “Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition.” This stunning RPG will grip you with its gripping narrative and engaging characters. Unleash your inner hero or villain, forge alliances, and embark on epic quests that will shape the fate of the world. With its vast open world and endless gameplay possibilities, you’ll find yourself lost in its enchanting grasp for hours on end.

By the way, did you know that the Nintendo Switch has sold over 125 million units? It has climbed its way to becoming the third best-selling console of all time. Impressive, right? Clearly, Nintendo knows how to keep us entertained!

So, fellow gamers, keep your eyes glued to the horizon, for the future of Nintendo gaming is shimmering with excitement. Prepare for a console that will delight, surprise, and transport us to new dimensions of fun. Until then, let’s cherish the joy we’ve experienced on our trusty Switch and dive headfirst into the amazing lineup of games waiting to be conquered!

Game on!

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