Mysterious Bans on Pokemon Content Creators’ Instagram Accounts

Mysterious Bans on Pokemon Content Creators' Instagram Accounts

Mysterious Bans Strike Pokemon Content Creators on Instagram

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Several popular Pokemon content creators have recently found themselves in a sticky situation as their Instagram accounts mysteriously got banned. It’s like getting a Lickitung stuck to your face without warning! One big YouTuber, known for his epic Pokemon videos, was swept away by the ban wave. The iconic monster-catching franchise from Game Freak has a massive following, and fans flock to social media to express their love for the games. Creators like Duwiol and Leonhart have built entire careers on YouTube thanks to their Pokemon content. Even the infamous Logan Paul can’t resist showing off his adoration for the franchise.

Now, don’t be too shocked that Nintendo franchises often find themselves caught up in controversy when it comes to content on social media. The developers have a habit of targeting creations based on their properties, like a ruthless Rocket grunt seizing your precious Pokemon. They’ve taken down countless YouTube videos and even fan-made games. In the past, the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet caused a stir when several Twitch streamers received DMCA strikes for using an Ed Sheeran song within the game. And now, the ban-hammer has struck the Instagram community, leaving multiple creators scratching their heads.

image: Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon content creators PokiChloe and PokeDean have fallen victim to mysterious permanent bans on Instagram. It’s like getting hit by a Hyper Beam out of nowhere! PokeRev, a popular Pokemon TCG YouTuber, also found himself caught in the crossfire. Imagine his surprise when he discovered his Instagram account was gone in a puff of smoke. Some lucky users managed to reclaim their accounts by going through the arduous process of verifying their information. But for many others, their appeals resulted in permanent bans, leaving them feeling more defeated than a Magikarp in battle.

While we might suspect The Pokemon Company to be responsible for these bans, they claim innocence in this matter. Several of the affected content creators, including PokeRev himself, have previously collaborated with The Pokemon Company. Some have even been invited as guests to major Pokemon events like the World Championships. So, could it be Team Rocket pulling the strings behind these bans? Only time will tell. Both Instagram and its parent company, Meta, have stayed quiet about the unexpected ban spree, leaving Pokemon fans and creators in a state of confusion.

Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated newsflash, The Pokemon Company announced a major partnership with McDonald’s that has fans buzzing. Starting next year, Pokemon trading cards will once again make a triumphant return to Happy Meals! It’s a super-effective combination of fun and nostalgia. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy burger while snagging powerful Pokemon cards. This time, the Happy Meals will feature 15 different cards, including starters and the charming Pawmi from Scarlet and Violet. Let’s hope the affected Pokemon content creators on Instagram get their accounts back soon, like a legendary Pokemon breaking free from a Master Ball!

image: McDonald’s Happy Meals

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