Mass Effect 3: Intel Locations in Eden Prime: Resistance Movement

Mass Effect 3: Intel Locations in Eden Prime: Resistance Movement

One of the most exciting missions in Mass Effect 3 is Priority: Eden Prime. You get to return to the first planet you ever visited in the series, Eden Prime. But don’t let memories of poor Jenkins distract you! There are a few sets of Cerberus intel waiting to be found, and they can really help the Eden Prime Resistance.

The task of finding these intel pieces is its own mission called Eden Prime: Resistance Movement. It’s not as simple as following an icon, though. Most people miss them on their first playthrough. That’s why we’ve got this guide to help you grab them on your current run-through.

Intel One

First Intel

You can find the first piece of intel very early into the Priority: Eden Prime mission. When you’re dropped off, just follow the path downward and enter the building on your right with a number six on it.

Intel Location

Head all the way through the building, past the tables and the kitchen. Eventually, you’ll come across a desk with two computers on it. Examine the one on the right to grab that important intel. Make sure to do this before reaching the artifact!

Intel Two

Second Intel

After seeing the artifact and having your first battle of the mission, it’s time to get the second piece of intel. Simply cross the bridge in front of you and enter building number five on your left.

Intel Location

Make your way through the building, just like before, passing another kitchen. Keep going until you spot a terminal on your left. Examine it to obtain the second intel piece.

Intel Three

Third Intel

From the location of the second intel, turn right to find a building with a number two on it, next to a ladder. This is where the last bit of intel awaits.

Intel Location

Make your way through the building, passing the nines on the walls, until you reach the back room. There, you’ll find a bunch of screens and a few keyboards. Interact with the middle one to pick up the final slice of intel. Once you’ve collected all three, the quest is complete.

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