Marvel’s Wolverine – Everything We Know

Marvel's Wolverine - Everything We Know

Marvel’s Wolverine – The Bloody Mutant Returns!

Over the past few years, developer Insomniac Games has become the talk of the town with their amazing work on Marvel’s Spider-Man and its spin-off, Miles Morales. Now, they’re back and ready to bring Wolverine, everyone’s favorite claw-wielding mutant, back into the spotlight.

It’s been over a decade since the last solo Wolverine game, and fans have been clamoring for more brutal action ever since. But fear not, Insomniac’s take on the X-Man looks like it will be a spiritual successor to the beloved 2009 game, promising plenty of blood, guts, and adamantium claws.

Now, you might be wondering when you can sink your own claws into this game. Well, Ryan Schneider, head of franchise strategy at Insomniac, has revealed that Marvel’s Wolverine is still early in development. But don’t fret, because Insomniac has a knack for quick turnarounds, and there’s speculation that the game could drop in Fall 2024.

As for the platform, it’s no surprise that Marvel’s Wolverine will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Insomniac has been a PlayStation first-party studio since 2019, so PS5 owners will be the first to experience the visceral action. PC players, you might have to wait a bit longer before you can extend those claws on your own rigs.

Now, we haven’t seen much gameplay footage yet, but the teaser trailer showed Wolverine in all his fierce glory, decorating the Princess Bar with a heap of bodies in Madripoor. The tone seems to be spot-on for the mature experience fans are hoping for, and with Insomniac’s track record, we can expect some slick and cutting-edge gameplay.

So get ready, because Marvel’s Wolverine is set to be the next big hit from Insomniac Games. Keep those claws sharp and stay tuned for more updates on this bloody mutant adventure!

Release Date: TBA, likely Fall 2024 Platform: PlayStation 5 (PC release possible in the future) Gameplay: Mature and action-packed, expect a thrilling adventure in true Wolverine fashion