“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: History Repeating in a Disappointing Way”

"Marvel's Spider-Man 2: History Repeating in a Disappointing Way"

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: A Next-Gen Adventure Filled with Spidey Controversies


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is swinging its way onto the PlayStation 5 and it’s already creating a buzz. With Insomniac Games building upon the success of the previous two games, fans are expecting a truly next-gen experience. The game promises to deliver an impressive technical marvel, along with an exciting storyline featuring fan-favorite foes like Kraven and Venom. But unfortunately, like its predecessor, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been caught up in some strange controversies and odd complaints before its release.

Now let’s get one thing clear, gamers have the right to critique games they are excited about, but it should be constructive and non-hostile. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Once again, fans have taken it too far, bombarding Insomniac Games with rude comments and unnecessary hostility. It’s such a shame that a franchise with so much potential is burdened with more controversy than it deserves.

Remember the infamous “puddlegate” controversy from the first game? Yes, gamers lost their minds over a damn puddle, claiming it was a massive graphical downgrade. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. In reality, all Insomniac did was move the puddle and adjust the lighting for that particular mission. But some people just couldn’t resist making a big fuss about it, causing unnecessary embarrassment.

And let’s not forget the needless harassment and insults aimed at the developers over the change in Peter Parker’s face in the remastered version. Sure, opinions may differ, but sending death threats and hating on the developers is just pathetic. Plus, let’s face it, Peter hardly takes off his mask during the story! Yet, years later, the complaints continue, and now they’ve shifted to Mary Jane Watson’s new character model. Seriously? She simply got a much-needed beauty upgrade, but some gamers have gone berserk, accusing Insomniac of lying and nitpicking every single feature on MJ’s face. Give it a rest, people.

Even before the story trailer was released, some gamers were trying to stir up controversies. They claimed that Insomniac was lazy because New York City looked too similar to previous games. Come on! It’s a real location, why would they change it drastically? And let’s not forget the reused animations for swinging. Peter has been swinging around for years, so of course, he’s got his moves down to a T. It’s resource-saving and perfectly logical, just like God of War Ragnarok’s boat animation.

Sure, the Marvel’s Spider-Man games have their flaws. The lack of villains outside the main story and the repetitive side content can be considered valid criticisms. But complaining about swinging animations and MJ’s appearance are just nitpicks. With so much being done right in the Marvel’s Spider-Man series, it’s hard to fathom why some people keep harping on minor flaws, if they can even be called that.

In the end, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to swing onto our screens on October 20 for the PS5. Let’s hope gamers can put aside their nitpicks and fully enjoy this next-gen adventure. It’s time to embrace the spidey spirit and have some web-slinging fun!

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