Marvel Snap: Best Magik Deck

Marvel Snap: Best Magik Deck

The Marvelous Magic of Magik in Marvel Snap!

Have you ever come across a card in Marvel Snap that is as rare as a unicorn dancing on a rainbow? Well, meet Magik! She may not have many synergies, but her unique abilities can turn the tide of any match. Let me show you how to harness the power of Magik and secure a guaranteed victory!

The Best Magik Deck in Marvel Snap

Magik Deck

Magik may only cost 5, with a measly 3 Power, but don’t underestimate her. Her On Reveal ability can transport you to Limbo, an extra turn beyond the normal six. And that’s where the real magic happens!

Introducing the Magik Infinaut deck—a manifestation of ultimate power! This deck utilizes every precious moment of that extra turn. With cards like Dracula, who can steal Power from 6-Cost cards, and Sunspot, who gains Power from skipped turns, victory is within your grasp. Each card in this deck serves a crucial purpose.

Card Cost Power
Sunspot 1 0
Adam Warlock 2 0
Armor 2 3
Killmonger 3 3
Dracula 4 0
Shang-Chi 4 3
Magik 5 3
She-Hulk 6 9
Hulk 6 12
Magneto 6 12
Giganto 6 14
Infinaut 6 20

You might notice the abundance of 6-Cost cards in this deck. There’s a method to this madness! Sunspot needs to be played early to accumulate Power from those skipped turns. Adam Warlock ensures you draw a card when winning a location. And Armor protects Sunspot from destruction. Dracula is the secret sauce of this deck, gaining Power from any 6-Cost card you choose. Shang-Chi, Killmonger, and Magneto are your trump cards against opponents. Finally, unleash Magik on turn 5, skip turn 6, make She-Hulk cost nothing, and summon Infinaut on turn 7. It’s a flawless plan!

The Best Cards to Use in a Magik Deck

Synergistic Cards

Magik may be a loner, but there are a few cards that harmonize perfectly with her. Infinaut, Sunspot, and any 6-Cost card like America Chavez and She-Hulk are ideal companions for the Queen of Limbo. These cards, when combined strategically, prove that a Magik deck is more than just a pipe dream.

The Best Counter for Magik

Counter Cards

Countering Magik can be as challenging as finding a needle in a haystack. But fear not! There are common counter-type cards in Marvel Snap that can put a stop to Magik’s tricks. Leech and Cosmo can prevent her from conjuring Limbo altogether. Alternatively, Storm, Rhino, and Scarlet Witch can surprise your opponent by piling on top of Limbo, obliterating their strategy for that turn 7.

So, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Marvel Snap and unleash the marvelous magic of Magik! Remember, victory is just a card away.

Marvel Snap is available on mobile devices and PC.

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