Marvel Snap: Best Jean Grey Deck

Marvel Snap: Best Jean Grey Deck

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Marvel Snap always keeps things fresh with new cards that change up the gameplay every season. In the Rise of the Phoenix Season Pass, they introduced several powerful cards, one of which is Jean Grey. Jean Grey is a brilliant 3-Cost card with an awesome ongoing ability that limits opponents to playing only their first card each turn at her location. Talk about control!

But what’s the best way to utilize Jean Grey’s unique abilities? Let’s dive into the best Jean Grey deck in Marvel Snap!

Jean Grey Deck

The Best Jean Grey Deck in Marvel Snap

Jean Grey’s ongoing ability pairs incredibly well with control cards. The Grey Surfer deck, which focuses on using Jean Grey alongside Silver Surfer, has taken the Marvel Snap community by storm. This deck is all about limiting your opponent’s options and generating massive power. Here’s the deck list:

Card Cost Power
Nova 1 2
Goose 2 2
Brood 3 3
Rogue 3 2
Silver Surfer 3 2
Storm 3 2
Jean Grey 3 3
Juggernaut 3 3
Killmonger 3 3
Shadow King 3 3
Polaris 3 5
Sera 5 4

With a bunch of powerful 3-Cost cards, this deck synergizes perfectly with Silver Surfer’s ability to boost the power of other friendly 3-Cost cards. The control cards in this deck interfere with the enemy’s choice of location, making it a nightmare for them to strategize.

To play this deck effectively, focus on getting Goose and Jean Grey out early to control key locations. Then, tactically use different 3-Cost cards to counter your opponent’s strategies. For example, use Shadow King to counter Venom or Killmonger to counter decks that heavily rely on 1-Cost cards.

The Best Cards to Use in a Jean Grey Deck

Silver Shadow

To maximize Jean Grey’s potential, include cards that fortify your locations and boost the power of other cards. Goose, Silver Surfer, and Mojo are the perfect combo for Jean Grey. Here’s why:

  • Goose allows you to control the location by limiting the cost of cards played there.
  • Silver Surfer enhances the power of 3-Cost cards, which plays perfectly into Jean Grey’s hands.
  • Mojo thrives when both players have a full location, and Jean Grey forces opponents to play cards at her location. It’s a match made in Marvel Snap heaven!

The Best Counters for Jean Grey

Pro Enchant

Jean Grey may be a powerful card, but she’s not invincible. Similar to other control-type cards like Professor X, she has her weaknesses. If you’re facing Jean Grey, consider countering her with Enchantress, Rogue, or any Guardians of the Galaxy card. These cards can disrupt Jean Grey’s location ability. Other control cards like Professor X and Spider-Man can also throw a wrench in her plans.

And there you have it! With the right deck, cards, and strategy, Jean Grey can be an unstoppable force in Marvel Snap. So gather your cards, assemble your team, and dominate the game!

Marvel Snap is available on mobile devices and PC. Keep gaming, heroes!

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