LoL: Naafiri Champion Guide

LoL: Naafiri Champion Guide

With League Of Legends releasing new champions with time, you’ll want to understand how they work and what strategies will help you win. Doing so means knowing the champion’s abilities, interactions, and the different builds available. As you look into Naafiri, you’ll notice that she’s an AD assassin, so her abilities are based on getting in and quickly taking out the enemy.


You should start by reading through Naafiri’s abilities, so you can learn how to use them together to take down your foes.

Naafiri’s Abilities

The recommended ability level order is the following:

Ability Level Order
Q > E > W > Q > Q > R > Q > E > Q > E > R > E > E > W > W > R > W > W

As for Summoner Spells, you always want to take Flash since it can help you escape and attack enemies.

Pick either Teleport or GameTopicite if you’re laning. Teleport will help you against stronger lane opponents, so you won’t miss waves, while GameTopicite can help you secure early kills.

Otherwise, if you plan on jungling, you should bring Smite, since it’ll help you clear the jungle.

Naafiri Gameplay

Early Game

If you play Naafiri in the mid lane, you’ll want to play it safe and poke down your opponent when your Q is up. Try to let the enemy push your lane, so your jungler can gank.

Once you hit level six, you can start looking into ambushes yourself by pushing your opponent out of lane or taking down the minions to go bot or top.

As for jungling, you’ll want to start at the Red Buff, Krugs, Wolves, Raptors, Gromp, and finish with Blue Buff. From here, you can contest for Scuttle Crab or look for ganks in the lane.

Generally, you won’t have strong ganks until level six, so only go for the ones you think you can win.

If you want a simple and effective combo for Naafiri, activate your ult, then W to an enemy. When you hit them, use your Q, then activate your E to reposition while dealing damage.


As the mid-game approaches, you have the same general plan for mid lane and jungling. You want to take care of your minions or jungle camps, then look for opportunities to gank whenever your ultimate is available.

The same applies as a jungler: look for opportunities where the enemy pushes the lane and go after them for overextending, or see if you can take them out during a tower dive.

Late Game

The late game becomes tricky with Naafiri, since you’ll need to teamfight and pick off enemies. Because of the nature of your W, you shouldn’t engage the enemy since a tank could block your attack and take you out.

Instead, watch for enemies in areas on their own and hunt them down like a wolf. Thanks to your W and R, they’ll struggle to get away, especially if you focus on a carry. If you’re in a teamfight, try to poke down your opponents with your Q.

Wait for your team or the enemy to engage and look for opportunities to strike a carry. Your goal is to remove their main damage dealer, so keep that in mind as you choose your priority target while trying to stay alive.

Naafiri’s Best Runes

As a general rule, the recommended rune pages are an excellent choice for this champion, though you can try these variations if you prefer.

Main Runes Secondary Runes When To Choose It
Inspiration: First Strike, Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight Precision: Presence of Mind, Coup De Grace This combination works best for jungling since you’ll usually get the first hit on enemies, giving you bonus damage and gold. The build is a high-risk, high-reward option in a lane, so consider your opponent before picking it.
Domination: Electrocute/Dark Harvest, Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, Relentless Hunter/Treasure Hunter Precision: Triumph, Legend: Tenacity or Coup De Grace Electrocute works well if you want consistent burst damage since you’ll proc it off two Q hits or a quick W, Q, auto-attack combo. Go with Dark Harvest if you think you’ll get a lot of kills in that game. As for the others, it comes down to preference and the matchup. For instance, if you’re against a heavy CC team, Legend: Tenacity will be your best friend.
Naafiri’s Best Items

You’ll prioritize AD and Lethality with Naafiri, since she’s an assassin. However, there are some situational items based on the enemy team, so keep them in mind. If you ever have trouble, most of these are recommended items, so they’ll have stars next to them.

Item Type Best Options And When To Pick Them
Mythic Items – Duskblade Of Draktharr: Choose this if you want more damage and an easier getaway with invulnerability. – Eclipse: Solid burst damage and a shield, so go with this against a tanky team. – Youmuu’s Ghostblade: A great choice against fast enemies that are squishy since it provides extra Lethality and Movement Speed.
Boots – Mercury’s Treads: Pick this against a CC-heavy comp since it’ll provide you tenacity. – Plated Steelcaps: A great choice for AD teams that tend to auto-attack. – Mobility Boots: Perfect for a build focused on ganking.
Core Items – The Collector: The perfect item to help you snowball and get the last hit on an enemy, mainly if you cause them to bleed or GameTopicite them. – Axiom Arc: Since you heavily rely on your Ult to start fights, you’ll want to use it more often with the Axiom Arc.
Situational Items – Serpent’s Fang: A solid assassin item that works best against champions with shields, such as Yasuo or supports. – Edge Of Night: A perfect choice against heavy CC teams, so it’s harder for them to stop you in your tracks. – Serylda’s Grudge: A great choice if you haven’t picked an item with percentage Armor Penetration. This lets your basic abilities slow the enemy since your Ultimate doesn’t deal damage.

Feel free to look into fighter items as well since they’ll help Naafiri survive longer fights. However, you’ll sacrifice your burst damage if you go this route, so it depends on the enemy.

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