Last of Us’ Battle Royale Game Eyes Diablo 4

Last of Us' Battle Royale Game Eyes Diablo 4

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Multiplayer: Learning from Diablo 4’s Live-Service Model

Diablo 4

As the gaming industry continues to embrace live-service models, Naughty Dog’s upcoming multiplayer game, The Last of Us, is expected to follow suit. With Diablo 4 serving as a recent example of a AAA live-service title, Naughty Dog can take cues from Blizzard’s successes and failures to shape their own game.

While concrete details about The Last of Us multiplayer are scarce, Neil Druckmann has reassured fans that storytelling will remain a priority, ensuring a cohesive narrative even in a multiplayer setting. Speculations point towards a gameplay loop resembling open-world survival titles and extraction shooters. However, these assumptions are based on source material and current gaming trends, rather than official information from Naughty Dog.

The Pitfalls of Live-Service: Diablo 4’s First Season

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Diablo 4 initially launched to rave reviews, promising a bright future as a game that players would return to for years to come. As a trailblazer in live-service models, Blizzard seemed poised for success. However, the release of its first season revealed cracks in its design, with players disapproving of Blizzard’s balancing decisions and monetization practices. Blizzard is now in damage-control mode, desperately trying to address these issues and lay the groundwork for a better-received second season.

Whether Diablo 4 will ultimately be a high watermark or a cautionary tale remains to be seen. Regardless, Naughty Dog can gain valuable insights from their experience. Games like Fortnite and Destiny 2 have mastered the art of the battle pass, and Naughty Dog should carefully examine the disparity between these successful implementations and Diablo 4’s underwhelming offering.

Positive Aspects of Diablo 4’s Model for The Last of Us

Not all hope is lost for Diablo 4, as there are positive elements that Naughty Dog can draw inspiration from for their upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer. One such aspect is the rigid scheduling of seasons, which ensures the longevity of live-service titles. It eliminates the concern of players feeling left behind when returning to the game’s community, as the three-month soft reset allows everyone to start on a relatively even playing field.

While there are concerns about Diablo 4’s in-game shop and cosmetic battle pass, it is undeniable that the game offers a plethora of cosmetic options for fans to enjoy. The wide variety of aesthetic personalization goes a long way in keeping players engaged. If Naughty Dog wants their live-service game to thrive, a steady stream of diverse cosmetic options will be crucial. Of course, gameplay is paramount, and Naughty Dog will need to deliver on that front as well.

It’s worth noting that The Last of Us multiplayer game is currently in development, with more updates and details to come.

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