July 2023 PS Plus Premium Classic Games with Trophy Support

July 2023 PS Plus Premium Classic Games with Trophy Support

Playstation Plus Premium: Classic Games with Trophy Support!

Attention, all gamers! Get ready to level up your gaming experience with the latest news from Playstation Plus Premium. This month, Premium members are in for a treat as they will have access to some amazing classic games, complete with trophy support. That’s right, you’ll be able to show off your gaming prowess and collect those shiny trophies while enjoying the nostalgia of these beloved titles.

So, what games can you expect? Sony has just revealed the lineup for July 2023, and it’s packed with exciting titles. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable co-op adventure in “It Takes Two” or test your sniping skills in “Sniper Elite 5”. If you’re up for a challenge, take on the treacherous terrains of “Snowrunner” or survive the zombie apocalypse in “World War Z”. Fans of hack-and-slash action will be thrilled to dive into the world of “Samurai Warriors 5”, while lovers of storytelling can explore the unique underground realm of “Undertale”.

But that’s not all. Premium members will also have access to some classic gems at no extra cost. Brace yourself for the destruction derby mayhem of “Twisted Metal” and “Twisted Metal 2”. And if you’re a fan of gravity-defying challenges, make sure to try out “Gravity Crash Portable”. It’s like a trip down memory lane, but with added trophy support!

Platinum Trophy

Now, let’s talk trophies. Each of these games comes with a variety of trophies to unlock. From completing levels to accomplishing specific tasks and objectives, there’s something for everyone. The difficulty of earning these trophies may vary, but fear not! Some games in the PS Plus Premium lineup make it relatively easy to achieve the coveted Platinum trophy. So, get ready to up your trophy collection and become a true gaming legend.

It’s worth mentioning that Sony occasionally adds trophy support to games after their release. Take “Super Stardust Portable”, for example. This game made its debut in PS Plus Premium back in June 2022, but recently received an update in 2023, granting it trophy support. It just goes to show that Playstation Plus is always evolving and keeping things fresh for its dedicated player base.

But trophies are just the beginning of what Premium members can enjoy. On top of classic games, subscribers also gain access to time-limited trials. These trials allow you to try out various games for a specific period, ranging from one hour to three hours of gameplay. For instance, you could hop into the magical world of “Hogwarts Legacy” for a quick 45-minute trial. It’s a fantastic opportunity to test out games before committing to a purchase, and Sony regularly updates the lineup of trials to keep things interesting.

So, there you have it, the latest scoop from Playstation Plus Premium. Get ready to dive into the world of classic games and collect those trophies like a gaming pro. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement that awaits you in the world of PS Plus Premium!

Source: Push Square, Exophase