Jagged Alliance 3: Fast Money Guide

Jagged Alliance 3: Fast Money Guide

Jagged Alliance 3 Money-Making Guide: Be a Financially Savvy Mercenary!

Jagged Alliance 3 Money-Making Guide

Money makes the world go round, and it’s no different in Jagged Alliance 3 by Haemimont Games. Whether you’re paying your trusty mercenaries or financing your mission to liberate the island from the clutches of the criminal Major, having a solid financial strategy is key. But fear not! This guide is here to help you earn money faster than a sprinting rabbit!

Hire the Dream Team

Instead of splurging on elites and legends right off the bat, choose cost-effective mercenaries in the beginning. Build a balanced team of 4-5 quirky, skilled individuals who can cover a range of abilities. You’ll save money and have a better chance of survival. Save those flashy recruits for when your income is steady and complex missions demand their expertise.

Unleash Chaos on Enemy Outposts

Defeating enemy outposts

Unleash your mercenary prowess and obliterate those enemy outposts! Not only will this weaken their influence on the island, but it’ll also generate some much-needed income. Focus on capturing strategic mines in key locations to ensure a steady stream of cash. Remember, productivity increases when you capture nearby towns and complete loyalty side quests. Keep those valuable assets in your control to secure a constant flow of moolah.

Embrace the Art of Looting and Trading

Turn your mercenaries into master treasure hunters with high levels of wisdom, mechanics, and explosive skills. Loot containers, defuse bombs, and pick locks to uncover valuable items and hack devices for extra cash. After victorious battles or successful hacks, collect the spoils and sell them to merchants for some shiny coins. Optimize your trade routes, scout for amazing deals, and make sure to heal your mercenaries after looting. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-maintained inventory!

Ambush Diamond Shipments: A Sneaky Surprise

Keep watch for diamond shipments passing through your territories. Ambushing these high-value convoys requires minimal effort and provides a sGameTopicy chunk of moolah. Jump at every opportunity to snag these tempting targets and watch your financial resources skyrocket!

Extend Contracts for the Win!

When it comes to contracts, longer is better. Extend them for as many days as possible to enjoy sGameTopicantial savings. The longer the contract, the lower the price per day. Who said mercenaries can’t be economical?

Jagged Alliance 3

Now that you’re armed with these get-rich-quick secrets, go forth and conquer in Jagged Alliance 3! It’s time to show Major who’s boss while racking up the cash. Good luck, Commander!

Jagged Alliance 3 is available now on PC.

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