Is it necessary to keep your screen on all night for Pokémon Sleep?

Is it necessary to keep your screen on all night for Pokémon Sleep?

An Epic Quest for Pokémon and Sleep

Image Image: Niantic, Select Button/The Pokémon Company

Once upon a sleepy time, a magical game called Pokémon Sleep arrived, promising to catch Pokémon while you catch some Z’s. But there was a catch – before embarking on this slumberous adventure, you were instructed to leave your phone screen on and place it face down on your bed. It was like a ritual to appease the gaming gods or perhaps just to prevent your phone from dying overnight. Oh, the sacrifices we make for Pokémon!

Now, depending on the state of your phone (mine had a few too many encounters with gravity), your experiences might differ from mine. But fear not, brave trainers, for here’s my tale of trials and tribulations.

When you comply with the divine command and flip your phone over, the screen magically dims (sort of), revealing a mysterious black void. Yet, it doesn’t truly lock your phone. You can still see the time, your service provider’s name, and the ever-vigilant battery indicator at the top of your display. Admittedly, leaving the screen on overnight does raise a few anxious eyebrows.

But fret not, intrepid adventurers! The game offers an alternative solution, the marvelous Pokémon Go Plus Plus. This little gadget of wonderment, priced at $55, will diligently track your slumber while sparing your phone’s energy.

As my journey began, I awoke on the first morning to find my phone unusually warm. To my chagrin, it wasn’t even fully charged! Usually, when I plug it in at the end of the night, it replenishes its energy by daybreak. Oh, the irony of having my phone in need of a nap!

Being a Pokémon aficionado (even when playing these whimsical mobile spin-offs), I sought answers. Did I truly need to keep my phone screen on while I drifted into dreamland? Arriving at the answer was like encountering a rare Legendary Pokémon – a moment of revelation!

The answer, my friends, is a resounding “no,” unless you’re an avid hunter of precise sleep data and want to maximize your Pokémon gains. For those of us simply aiming to cultivate healthier sleep habits and be greeted by adorable companions each morning, feel free to power down your screen without worry.

But wait, there’s more! Even if you turn off your phone screen after commencing your sleep tracking, a small orange microphone icon will grace your lock screen. Fear not, dear iOS users, for this indicates that Pokémon Sleep is dutifully capturing any sounds while your device slumbers. You don’t need to keep the app actively open and glaring at you to record these nocturnal auditory delights.

In my heroic odyssey through dreamland, I decided to test this theory. Four times I ventured forth, leaving my phone screen in a deep slumber of its own. Lo and behold, on two of those occasions, my phone braved the night, diligently recording my sleep. And when my alarm heralded the dawn, I simply rose, unlocked my screen, reopened the app, and parsimoniously concluded my sleep session.

But alas, the other two times were marked by misfortune. The app surreptitiously closed in the background, prematurely ending my epic sleep session. One fateful Tuesday, it abandoned its duty at an unholy hour of almost 5 a.m. On a sorrowful Thursday, it valiantly fought to stay awake but succumbed with a mere ten minutes left until my usual waking time. Yet, through these trials, I was still able to review my sleep data, although the app lamented the interruption. Perhaps this mysterious behavior had something to do with my app-ridden phone’s inability to stay focused during its slumber.

To note, there is a perilous risk that if the app closes within the first 90 minutes of your sleep session, all data shall vanish like a fleeting dream. But fret not, fellow trainers, for this calamity did not befall me… yet. Alas, my testing has been limited to a mere four attempts.

Perchance, if I possessed a mightier phone, the tracking prowess of the game would last throughout the somnolent hours. However, I found solace in the fact that I could still review my research and catch Pokémon come morning, even without topping the Snorlax high score tables. Sometimes it truly is the journey that counts, not just reaching the destination.

GameTopic, our brave herald, ventured to seek wisdom from The Pokémon Company regarding the enigmatic requirement for an active phone screen during tracking. Alas, the response eluded them, like a shy Eevee hiding in the tall grass.

And so, dear trainers, armed with this knowledge, you may now embrace the glorious world of Pokémon Sleep. Let not the fear of a dwindling battery or a magically dimmed screen deter you. Adventure awaits in dreams, and the bonds forged with digital companions are as real as any Pokémon victory. Sleep well, dream big, and may your Pokémon slumber alongside you on this whimsical quest.