Invincible Creator Gives Positive Update on Live-Action Adaptation

Invincible Creator Gives Positive Update on Live-Action Adaptation

Invincible Season 2: Live-Action Adaptation – What’s the Scoop?

Invincible Season 2

As fans anxiously await the arrival of Invincible Season 2, the creator of this beloved superhero character, Robert Kirkman, has some exciting news to share about the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of his work. But before we dive into the juicy details, let’s take a quick look at what makes Invincible so special.

Invincible, an American comic book series that kicked off in 2003 under Image Comics, has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. It follows the journey of its namesake hero as he navigates the challenges of discovering his true self and coming to terms with his extraterrestrial origins. While the comic was a hit, it skyrocketed in popularity after being adapted into a streaming series on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. In fact, it even outshined the offerings of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, earning the title of the best superhero show of the year in the minds of many fans.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Robert Kirkman shed some light on the status of the live-action Invincible project. However, due to the ongoing industry-wide strike which has brought many productions to a halt, progress on the adaptation has been temporarily stalled. In the midst of these challenging times, Kirkman remained optimistic and applauded the strike action, recognizing the importance of ensuring a thriving industry for future generations. He said, “Everything’s been put on pause, but it’s something that I know Universal is very invested in, and it’s something that we’ve been working on behind the scenes up to this point. Hopefully, I’ll be able to answer this question in a more exciting way in the future.”

But why the strikes? Kirkman took a stand, expressing his support for the action and the need to compensate writers and actors fairly. He emphasized, “I could just say pay your writers, pay your actors. I think that the business is evolving, and we stepped into this new world of streaming as cable was collapsing in a way that unfairly made writers and actors carry the brunt of that transition. I’m hoping that these strikes will show them that these are essential parts of our entire industry, and you can’t do anything without them. If we’re going to move forward in a way that this is a viable profession for hundreds of thousands of people, we’re going to have to figure out a way to make this work. Hopefully, we achieve that.”

This update comes as a breath of fresh air, considering the lack of recent news on the Invincible adaptation project. With so many cancellations plaguing the industry, fans have grown understandably skeptical about projects that don’t receive regular updates. Now, with the delays and the timing aligning with the new season of the animated series, the live-action adaptation may serve as the perfect bridge between seasons, keeping the excitement alive.

However, not everyone is convinced that a live-action Invincible show is necessary. Some argue that the success of the animated series and the availability of the acclaimed comic book series still in circulation might render a live-action film redundant. But only time will tell if the live-action aspect will be enticing enough to take fans on yet another thrilling adventure.

Mark your calendars! The long-awaited Invincible Season 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 3, 2023. Get ready for more jaw-dropping action and mind-bending twists!

Source: ScreenRant