Honkai: Star Rail – Blade or Kafka Pull?

Honkai: Star Rail - Blade or Kafka Pull?

Blade vs Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail Blade or Kafka

In the latest update for Honkai: Star Rail, version 1.2, players are introduced to two new members of the Stelleron Hunters: Kafka and Blade. While Kafka has already gained popularity since her appearance in the game, Blade remains more of a mystery. So, which character is worth pulling for? Let’s dive into the details and have some fun along the way!


Kafka is a Lightning element Nihility character, but don’t be fooled by her role. She’s not your typical support character. Instead, Kafka focuses on dealing Damage over Time (DoT), making her a unique addition to any lineup. With her Ascension 2 Trace unlocked, she can deal additional damage with all applied DoTs, not just the Shocked status. Plus, she can launch follow-up attacks and apply DoTs with her Basic ATK. Talk about shocking damage!

On the other hand, Blade is a Wind element Destruction character. He’s a straightforward DPS character who knows how to pack a punch. His Enhanced Basic Attack scales with his HP, and he even has the ability to heal himself. So, if you’re into characters who sacrifice their HP for higher damage output, Blade might be your guy.


When it comes to building these characters, Kafka is relatively easy. She benefits from Lightning element sets, Crit Stats, and ATK boosts. Her light cone, Patience Is All You Need, is perfect for her, but there are other budget-friendly options that work just as well. So, if you’ve already stocked up on the necessary materials and relics, Kafka is a breeze to build.

Now, Blade is a bit more challenging. His main focus is HP, which scales his DPS. Alongside HP, prioritize Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Speed. However, obtaining his optimal gear isn’t as easy since it requires materials and relics introduced in the 1.2 patch. You might need to spend some extra resources to get him optimal, which might not be ideal if you’re juggling multiple character optimizations. But hey, a powerful Wind DPS character doesn’t come easy!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Both characters have their strengths and weaknesses, so let’s break it down.


Strengths: – Excellent Wind DPS character, a rare find in the game. – Self-sustainability and synergizes well with defensive support characters like Luocha. – Skill-point friendly, allowing other characters to shine. – Access to versatile team compositions. – Great Single Target and AoE DMG scaling. – Straightforward and easy-to-master kit.

Weaknesses: – Limited pre-farm availability makes optimal building challenging. – Might not be future-proof with the release of other Wind-DPS characters. – HP draining may be difficult to manage in tough content without proper healing.


Strengths: – Unique DoT DPS mechanic for a refreshing and fun playstyle. – Can work as both Sub-DPS and main DPS. – Synergizes well with optimal team members like Sampo. – Devastating power with Nihility Path on Simulated Universe. – Access to Single Target and AoE DMG potential. – Follow-up attacks for added damage. – Future-proof with the potential addition of other DoT-focused characters.

Weaknesses: – Strict team compositions required when using her as the main DPS. – Competition with other Lightning focused DPS characters. – Reliant on skill-point and Ultimate for consistent damage. – Doesn’t have the “Dominated” crowd control effect like her boss version.

Verdict: Pulling Blade vs Kafka

Honkai: Star Rail Blade vs Kafka

Now that we’ve covered everything, it’s time to decide whether to pull for Blade or Kafka. Both characters have more strengths than weaknesses, making it a tough choice. However, here are a few considerations to help you make up your mind:

Pull for Blade if: – You have Luocha and want to take advantage of their synergy. – You need a Wind DPS character to conquer challenging content. – You enjoy high-risk high-reward characters that drain HP for more damage. – You prefer characters that are not skill-point or Ultimate reliant.

Pull for Kafka if: – You’re looking to spice things up with a DoT-focused character. – You haven’t built Jing Yuan and want a Lightning DPS character. – You already have Sampo and want to create a team that synergizes well. – You want a character that will remain valuable with the addition of more DoT characters.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on Android, iOS, and PC, and a PlayStation version is in development. So, grab your favorite character and have a blast with this exciting game!

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