Honkai: Star Rail – Ascended Boss Battle Guide

Honkai: Star Rail - Ascended Boss Battle Guide

How to Conquer The Ascended in Honkai: Star Rail

Not only do we get two exciting new areas in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2, but there are also some tough elite enemies to test your skills against. Say hello to the Malefic Ape and The Ascended! In order to obtain character Ascension materials, you’ll have to take down The Ascended in the game. Sounds tough, right? Well, fear not, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to help you emerge victorious!

A Si-phony of Challenges

The Ascended, like Phantylia the Undying’s Destruction Lotus, has the ability to Siphon the HP from players. In other words, she’s quite the health thief! But don’t worry, dear gamers, I’ve got a few tricks to make the battle easier. Just remember to bring your trusty cleanser and anticipate when she’ll use this sneaky move.

The Team That Triumphs

To take down The Ascended, you’ll need to pay close attention to her Siphon skill. Be prepared to face her alongside two Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Ballistarius. However, in the mission called “Desolate Depths of Despair,” you’ll only have to deal with one Ballistarius and one Internal Alchemist. But fear not, they’re not as tough as they look!

Enemy Weakness Toughness
The Ascended Physical, Ice, Lightning 420
Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Ballistarius Physical, Ice, Wind 90

The Disciples of Sanctus Medicus: Ballistarius may have a higher toughness of 90, but they’re not as deadly as they seem. Their lightning attacks are random and won’t cause too much damage. And worry not, they can’t revive like the Mara-Struck monsters.

On the other hand, The Ascended has a broad range of damaging moves. She can target single, random, or three targets with her attacks, so be on your guard. Oh, and remember, she’ll apply Wind Shear with these attacks, so be prepared to face the wind!

Triumphing Over Si-phonicity

The real test comes when The Ascended enters the “Japa” state. If you fail to beat or crowd control her, get ready for a devastating Siphoning HP move that decreases your maximum recoverable HP by 30%! If your character has 70% or less HP, they’ll lose only the max recoverable HP, but if they have more than 70%, they’ll lose HP along with the blockade. However, there’s a silver lining! The boss still has a hit chance, so there’s a possibility she may miss your units. Phew! And don’t forget, cleansing will help remove this nasty debuff.

Assembling Your Dream Team

When it comes to taking down The Ascended, the best Elements to bring are Physical and Ice. And as I mentioned earlier, don’t forget to bring your cleansers to undo The Ascended’s dastardly Siphon debuff. Here are three possible team compositions for you to try:

Double DPS + Cleanser

  • Main DPS: Yanqing
  • Second DPS: Sushang
  • Cleanser + Shielder: March 7th
  • Cleanser + Healer: Natasha

All-Rounded Team

  • Main DPS: Sushang
  • Second DPS: Physical Trailblazer
  • Support: Pela
  • Cleanser: March 7th or Natasha

F2P Team

  • Main DPS: Physical Trailblazer
  • Second DPS: Herta
  • Cleanser + Shielder: March 7th
  • Cleanser + Healer: Natasha

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, go forth and conquer The Ascended in Honkai: Star Rail! Remember, the game is available on Android, iOS, and PC, with a PlayStation version in the works. Happy gaming, fellow warriors!