Honkai: Star Rail – Achievement Guide (Poetic Genius Ingenium Quest)

Honkai: Star Rail - Achievement Guide (Poetic Genius Ingenium Quest)

During the Poetic Genius Ingenium Adventure Mission in Honkai: Star Rail, you have the chance to obtain the Wordsmith or the Literary Novice Achievement. The side quest begins when Guangda, an irked character of the Realm-Keeping, seeks your assistance in handling a ridiculous task. Obviously having better things to do, Guangda is willing to pay you to take care of it. So, off you go!

In this quest, you’ll come across Cong’s Lost and Found notice. Cong needs your help to win over his beloved maiden. It’s not just a selfless task, though. By undertaking this Adventure Mission, you’ll receive generous rewards such as Stellar Jades, EXP, upgrading materials, and most importantly, the opportunity to secure the Wordsmith or Literary Novice Achievement. Be a hero and an achiever!

Honkai: Star Rail Achievements

How To Get The Wordsmith Achievement In Honkai: Star Rail

To be recognized as a Wordsmith in Honkai: Star Rail, you need the approval of the Metrical Poet. Your literary talent is at stake here, so make sure you choose the answers that appeal to the strict machine’s standards.

Question #1Poem: Picking chrysanthemums and drinking wine at sunset – Answer: My sleeves leave a silhouette or I have a good meal that is hard to forget

Question #2Poem: Speech is silver – Answer: Silence is golden

How To Get The Literary Novice Achievement In Honkai: Star Rail

Now, if you’re feeling a little rebellious and would rather have the Literary Novice Achievement than Wordsmith, you can intentionally fail to match the Metrical Poet’s rhythm and counterpoint standards. Blazing your own trail, huh? Well, here are some absurd answers for you to choose from:

  • I saw a jade pillow and a luxurious kitchen
  • Two is one plus one
Honkai: Star Rail Literary Novice

Poetic Genius Ingenium Quest In Honkai: Star Rail

The Wordsmith and Literary Novice Achievements can only be obtained during the Poetic Genius Ingenium Adventure Mission in Honkai: Star Rail. To start the mission, have a chat with the man standing outside the Realm-Keeping Commission Chancery. He’ll request that you remove posters in Exalting Sanctum. Choose one of the Lost and Found posters, and you’ll stumble upon a notice for the missing Ingenium, Baroumbrella.

Honkai: Star Rail Poetic Genius Ingenium

Now it’s time to locate the owner! Meet Cong, who needs help repairing The Gloomy Poet Abacus Core. As you fix the Ingenium, Cong will share his obsession with poetry and his desire to confess to a fair maiden who had a poet as her past lover. He then tasks you with finding three more Poet Ingenia and bringing back their Jade Abaci. Only with these items can he craft a poem that will move his dear Jingzhai.

Poetic Ingenium Locations

The Genius Ingenium Poets are located at the following places: – The Borderland Poet: Scalegorge Waterscape – Graceful Poet: Starskiff Haven – Metrical Poet: West of the Spare Time Book Shop in Exalting Sanctum

Each poet poses a different challenge. The Borderland Poet will challenge you to a duel, the Graceful Poet will request a collection of parting scenes, and the Metrical Poet will test your ability to match his rhythm and counterpoint standards.

Honkai: Star Rail Achievements

Finally, after answering the goldfish’s questions, you’ll either become a Literary Novice or a Wordsmith. Remember, you can only obtain one of the achievements during the Poetic Genius Ingenium quest in Honkai: Star Rail. So choose wisely, adventurer!

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on Android, iOS, and PC. A PlayStation version is also in development.