Gunbrella remains a fantastic Mary-Poppins-with-a-shotgun simulator.

Gunbrella remains a fantastic Mary-Poppins-with-a-shotgun simulator.

Gunbrella: Revenge Never Looked This Stylish


Gunbrella is not just another action game with a touch of magic; it’s an endless source of enchantment. The epicenter of this enchantment lies within the Gunbrella itself. This 2D platformer and blaster will take you on a whimsical adventure filled with exploration, light RPG elements, and, of course, a delightful gun-umbrella combo that defies all expectations.

Game Information

  • Publisher: Devolver Digital
  • Developer: Doinksoft
  • Platform: PC (Available on Nintendo Switch in 2023)

So, what’s the big fuss about this game? Well, imagine a shotgun with a shield mode. Sound cool? Now, picture this shotgun also being an umbrella. Oh yes, that’s Gunbrella for you! With the power to deflect shots and even send them back to where they came from, this weapon is perfect for dealing with those pesky turrets. But the Gunbrella is not limited to combat alone. It can also be used for traversal, giving you a fantastic double-jump effect when you open it mid-jump. You can even use it to dash or hitch a ride on clotheslines like a pixelated superhero. How awesome is that?

Gunbrella’s world is a steampunk western landscape, filled with unique characters seeking revenge. Picture patchwork houses with missing tiles and trains whizzing by at lightning speed when you reach a station. The villains in this world are delightfully wicked, with skeleton faces and stylish hats. It’s a world where everyone is hunched, caped, and heavily shouldered, making us all feel like moths drawn to the fantastical flame.

Speaking of flame, I must mention how Gunbrella’s combat reminds me of a certain genre-defining franchise: Souls games. No, it’s not a carbon copy, but it captures the essence of those games in two key areas: combat and level design.

A Dash of Souls, A Pinch of Zelda


First, let’s talk about the levels. Each dungeon is a cleverly interconnected maze, expertly designed to loop back to where you started, unveiling new paths and discoveries along the way. It’s like wandering through a Zelda game, with locked doors and tantalizing ladders just out of reach. The level of intricacy and the trust it builds between the game and the player is simply enchanting.

And then there’s the combat. If Souls games had shotguns, Gunbrella would be the result. The key to success lies in dealing damage without leaving any openings for retaliation. Early enemies can be easily swarmed and dispatched, allowing you to glide past them with finesse. However, as you progress, more strategic approaches are required, balancing offense with defense. You’ll need to master the art of using both the shotgun and the umbrella (and any other weapons you come across) to survive.

The combat encounters in Gunbrella are swift and decisive, much like those in Souls games. But what about the boss battles? How do they fit into a game where normal fights are over in a flash?

Let me tell you about the first boss. This massive eyeball horror launches attacks, then retreats, mimicking the rhythm of the game’s core mechanics. It moves like a house cat, alternating between hanging from the ceiling and advancing towards you. It took me some time to understand that defeating this boss relied on a rhythm I already knew. By timing my shotgun blasts just right, I could not only deal damage but also slow down the boss’s advance. This ingenious battle was a true testament to the game’s design.

But enough about combat; what excites me most about Gunbrella is the world itself. From a dungeon crafted as a trick library, complete with sliding shelves and pixelated book spines, to unknown wonders waiting around every corner, I can’t wait to uncover what surprises lie ahead. And, of course, learning to master the Gunbrella – using it as a blaster one moment, a kite-like weapon the next, and finally soaring upwards to surprise any lurking enemies. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement is palpable.

So, are you ready to embark on an adventure where you wield a magic-infused umbrella that’s also a deadly shotgun? Get ready to explore the world of Gunbrella, where revenge and style collide in the most extraordinary ways. Just remember to pack your imagination and buckle up for a wild ride!

Gunbrella is set to release on Nintendo Switch and PC in 2023. Get ready to make some magic!