Glorbo Fever hits Destiny 2, bamboozling AI website – GameTopic

Glorbo Fever hits Destiny 2, bamboozling AI website - GameTopic

Glorbo: The Fantastic Prank that Fooled the AI

Congratulations to the Destiny 2 game community for pulling off the greatest prank of the year – introducing the world to Glorbo! Now, if you have no idea what Glorbo is, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, Glorbo isn’t even real! But that didn’t stop the dedicated MMO community members from tricking AI websites into reporting on this nonexistent game trend. It’s a hilarious way to expose those websites that rely too heavily on AI-generated content.

The Birth of Glorbo

It all started with a clever Redditor in the World of Warcraft community. They concocted a brilliant plan to dupe AI websites by posting about an imaginary addition to the game called Glorbo. The whole community joined in on the joke, flooding the Reddit thread with comments and reactions about this non-existent feature. To everyone’s surprise, their shenanigans caught the attention of, which published a completely serious article about the fake trend. Well played, everyone!

Of course, the Destiny 2 community couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join in the fun. In the past few days, the Destiny 2 subreddit has been overflowing with Glorboposting. And today, they achieved the impossible—they tricked an AI into writing a sincere article about the Glorbo trend. Let me tell you, that article is a masterpiece of nonsense. It tries to answer questions about finding the secret boss Glorbo without actually providing any answers. It’s all one big glorious mess!

Glorbo Goes Viral

To the delight (or maybe horror) of the community, it seems like multiple AI-written websites have fallen for the Glorbo prank. This amusing joke exposes the sheer volume and lack of accuracy present in AI-generated content. These websites will latch onto any keyword they scrape from Reddit and churn out jumbles of gibberish masquerading as legitimate articles. So, dear readers, beware of what you consume out there.

Lastly, a standing ovation to the Destiny 2 community for their successful Glorbo campaign. Who knows where this mischievous character will pop up next? Glorbo has become a legend in his own right, and we await his next appearance with bated breath. All hail Glorbo, the AI prankster!

Rebekah Valentine is a senior reporter for GameTopic. Got a story tip? Send it to [email protected].