“Gang Beasts: Master the Art of Picking Up and Throwing People and Items”

"Gang Beasts: Master the Art of Picking Up and Throwing People and Items"

Gang Beasts is a game that could really use a tutorial, honestly. I mean, who doesn’t love being thrown into the action without a clue, right? But let’s be real, Gang Beasts’ controls can be as unconventional as trying to eat spaghetti with chopsticks while riding a unicycle. And when you add the squishy, blobby characters and their sometimes indecipherable animations into the mix, it becomes a chaotic mess. Sorting out what each button does is like trying to find matching socks in a dryer. It’s frustrating, but fear not, my fellow Gang Beasts enthusiasts! We have the answers you seek!

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts often feels like a hybrid of Fall Guys and Super Smash Bros, where the aim is to make your opponents fall while you soar ahead. And to accomplish that, you need to know how to pick up and throw your adversaries like a pro.

How To Pick Up And Throw In Gang Beasts

It’s actually pretty simple to grab someone in Gang Beasts. I mean, you probably figured it out even before reading this guide. But lifting them over your head to throw them? Now that’s a whole ’nother level of mastery.

To grab someone, you just need to hold both Punch buttons (L1/LB on PS4/Xbox) to grab with each hand. Then, hold the Lift button (Triangle/Y on PS4/Xbox), and finally, release the two Punch buttons to hurl your enemy off into the wild abyss of defeat. It’s like a game of catch, but with people instead of balls. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be tossing your opponents around like confetti at a parade. Picking up items should be a piece of cake too.

Gang Beasts Controls Guide

When To Pick Up And Throw Enemies In Gang Beasts

Oh boy, those enemies in Gang Beasts can be feisty. They don’t just go down without a fight. If you try to grab them, they might just grab you back or unleash a series of face-punching antics. So you can’t simply waltz up to foes, pick them up, and throw them into oblivion. Unless, of course, they’ve mysteriously disconnected from reality (aka the game).

But don’t fret, my friend. There’s still a way to deal with those relentless adversaries. What you can do is knock them down first. Once they’re down, it’s like trying to wake up a snoozing sloth on a lazy Sunday. Grab them with both hands, lift them over your head, and make a beeline for the nearest precarious perch. Then, dramatically drop them off and watch as they plummet down. It’s like your very own gravity-powered amusement ride!

Now that you know the art of picking up and throwing in Gang Beasts, go forth and unleash your skills upon the world. Become the throw-master that strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents. And remember, if life ever throws you a curveball, just pick it up and throw it right back. Happy gaming!

Updated July 18, 2023, by Sean Murray: You want to be a winner in Gang Beasts? Then it’s important to learn how to throw down, and also how to throw your opponents. That’s why we’ve updated this guide with improved formatting and a few breakout tips to make tossing your foes off a building that much easier.

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