Gamer Moves, Forgets Box of Old Games

Gamer Moves, Forgets Box of Old Games

The Great Game Collection Mishap

Picture this: a gamer moving out of their beloved apartment, filled with excitement for their new gaming adventures. But in the chaos of packing and organizing, they make an epic blunder and leave behind a box of precious gaming treasures. It’s like leaving behind the ultimate power-up!

Now, we find ourselves in the ninth generation of video game consoles, where the Xbox Series X and PS5 reign supreme. As gamers, we’re always hungry for the latest releases and cutting-edge graphics. But let’s not forget the magic of nostalgia, the kind that transports us back to the good old gaming days.

Cue the tragic tale: someone, whose name shall remain Myaubs, stumbled upon this forgotten treasure trove left behind by a fellow gamer. Myaubs, being the hero they are, took to Reddit to share the unbelievable find with the world. And boy, was it a jackpot!

The Hidden Gems


This treasure chest of gaming goodness included classics spanning numerous genres. You’ve got your real-time strategy with Warcraft 3, your heart-pounding first-person shooter with Battlefield 4, and even some chilling tales with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The collection had it all!

But that’s not all, folks! This gamer even left behind some PS3 gems like Fight Night Round 3 and DJ Hero. Talk about a musical knockout!

The Reddit Storm

Ah, the beauty of Reddit – the virtual land of gamer camaraderie and shared excitement. As soon as Myaubs spilled the beans on their incredible find, the Gaming subreddit went wild, like a pack of rabid game-obsessed wolves!

With over 4.7K upvotes (and climbing faster than Mario scaling a flagpole), gamers from all corners of the globe expressed their awe and hopes of reuniting these wayward games with their original owner. The sentimentality was palpable!

Oh, the conversations that sparked! Some gamers speculated about the sweat and tears poured into conquering these titles, while others suggested reaching out to the apartment landlord to save the day. You see, gamers are not just about high scores and button mashing – they care about their comrades.

Guild Wars fans also took this opportunity to reminisce, sharing stories of their adventures in the epic MMORPG where friendships were forged and raids were conquered. Ah, the memories!

The Ongoing Saga

The heartbreak of accidentally leaving treasured games behind is not an uncommon tale in the world of gaming. Just recently, another gamer discovered their long-lost Nintendo DS after 16 agonizing years! And we can’t forget the heroic HVAC Technician who found a lost SNES cartridge hidden away in a home’s ventilation system. These tales prove that games have a knack for eluding their owners!

But fret not! Let’s hope that one day, these forgotten PC and PS3 games will find their way back to their original owner. Until then, we’ll keep the nostalgic fire burning and the gaming community flourishing!


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