FTC denies motion as Microsoft’s Activision acquisition nears completion.

FTC denies motion as Microsoft's Activision acquisition nears completion.

Hold on to your controllers, folks, because the FTC just got served a big fat “denied” in its attempt to appeal against the Microsoft and Activision Blizzard ruling. I can almost hear the sound of gamers everywhere cheering in victory!

But wait, the FTC isn’t giving up that easily. They’ve launched a new tactic by asking for a “temporary pause” on Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition. It’s like they’re trying to hit pause on a killer gaming session, hoping to gain some extra time to examine the deal.

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Personally, I think the FTC needs to take a chill pill. They’re griping about how Judge Corley set the bar too high for them. Hey, FTC, if you can’t handle the heat, then stay out of the gaming kitchen!

And get this: the FTC is also unhappy about the judge’s “errors” regarding subscription access to Call of Duty and the importance placed on examining deals with cloud gaming rivals. It’s like they’re nitpicking every little detail, trying to find any excuse to keep this deal on hold.

But the FTC might want to consider throwing in the towel. There’s been some serious political pressure for them to admit defeat. The big bosses are getting tired of their constant losses in these merger battles.

One brave politician had the guts to call them out on it. Representative Kevin Kiley had one question for the FTC boss: “Why should Americans have faith in your judgment when this Biden-appointed judge says you’re so far off the mark?” Ouch, that’s a level of burn that not even a healing potion can fix!

And let’s not forget our friends at Blizzard. Mike Ybarra, the boss over there, couldn’t help but throw some shade at the FTC. “Your tax dollars at work,” he quipped. Well said, Mike, well said.

But Microsoft isn’t taking this lying down. They’re ready to fight back. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, said they think the FTC’s case is as weak as a level 1 enemy. They’re not going to let anyone delay their plans to conquer the gaming world.

The fate of this epic battle will be decided soon. The FTC’s latest attempt may meet its doom today. The countdown has begun, and gamers everywhere are on the edge of their seats, waiting to see if this deal will finally become a reality.

Tick-tock, folks. The deadline for Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is just a few days away. If all goes well, we’ll be popping champagne bottles and celebrating this weekend. Keep your fingers crossed, and let’s hope there are no more unexpected power outages that could ruin this gaming party!