FF16’s Weird Approach to Typhon

FF16's Weird Approach to Typhon

Final Fantasy 16: Unleashing the Weird and Wonderful World of Typhon

Final Fantasy 16 takes players on an epic journey unlike any other in the series. Prepare to dive deep into the narrative roots and rediscover the iconic objects and features that make Final Fantasy so memorable. Get ready to encounter Eikons and Mothercrystals, which play pivotal roles in the game’s storyline. But beware, because the truth about Typhon the Transgressor will blow your mind!

In Final Fantasy 16, you follow the courageous Clive Rosfield, a dominant force in the world of Valisthea. Dominants are powerful individuals who can harness the mighty Eikons, the game’s awe-inspiring summons. While most Dominants are pawns in the power struggles between nations, Clive strives to free humanity from this madness by destroying the all-important mothercrystals. At first glance, Clive’s mission may seem straightforward, but get ready for mind-bending surprises and ancient enemies lurking in the shadows.

The Battle with Typhon at Drake’s Head


When the first Mothercrystal, known as Drake’s Head, meets its demise, Clive and his crew believe their job is done in the Empire of Sanbreque. But hold on tight because, out of nowhere, a temporal rift opens and unleashes a relentless attack. Cid takes a critical blow, and before you know it, Clive is suckered into the rift by Typhon’s enormous hand. Typhon, referring to Clive as Mythos, throws waves of enemies at him, testing his skills before engaging in a one-on-one showdown. Just when Clive thinks he has the upper hand, Typhon spawns clones of itself, merging with the original to become Typhon the Transgressor. What a twist! Clive’s victorious, but it’s only the beginning.

Together with Clive, a true antagonist emerges from the Temporal Rift—Ultima. This entity tries to merge with our hero, claiming that Clive is a vessel for something grander. But Clive stands strong, resisting the merging process, and his brother Joshua swoops in to save the day. As Final Fantasy 16’s endgame unfolds, we learn that Ultima is the architect of all humanity, the Eikons, and the mothercrystals. It split its soul, scattering fragments into the mothercrystals until a worthy host, Mythos, came along, ready to unleash Ultima’s catastrophic spell upon Valisthea.

Typhon’s True Identity Revealed


Final Fantasy 16 unfurls the astonishing truth that Clive unwittingly facilitated Ultima’s return by obliterating Drake’s Head, the first Mothercrystal. But before revealing its hand, Ultima needed to test Clive. So, it took on the form of Typhon, a colossal fallen being from ages past, manipulating its body and unimaginable magic powers to evaluate Clive’s worth as a vessel. When Clive proved his mettle, Ultima gathered remnants of itself and fused them together to create Typhon the Transgressor, a force that surfaces once again in the ultimate battle as Ultimalius.

Typhon, in all its gargantuan glory, might seem like just another Eikon fight, but the reality is far stranger. This colossal creature is neither of the time nor the world of Final Fantasy 16. It is a manipulated corpse, repurposed by Ultima to challenge Clive’s worthiness. But fear not, because Clive rises to the occasion, using his indomitable human will to bring down Ultima, the Origin, and the dark influence of the mothercrystals upon humanity.

Final Fantasy 16 is an adventure you cannot afford to miss! Embrace the weird, embrace the wonderful, and embark on a journey unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Available now exclusively on PS5.

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