FF16: Conquer The Pack

FF16: Conquer The Pack

Final Fantasy 16: Tackling The Pack

Are you ready to face the wild and ferocious Pack in Final Fantasy 16? These coordinated attackers won’t wait their turn politely like other enemies – they’ll pounce on you together! But fear not, brave warrior, for I have the guide to help you conquer this Notorious Mark and come out on top.

Where To Find The Pack

Prepare yourself for an intense battle just south of Tabor, Dhalmekia. Head to the Obelisk in Tabor, go south, and take a right at the fork. Then, take a left into the circular dead end. Keep moving forward, and there you’ll find The Pack running amok.

How To Beat The Pack

The Pack consists of five savage Pack Wolves that coordinate their attacks. Your best strategy is to take down each member of The Pack individually, decreasing their overall attack capabilities. To survive this wild encounter, you’ll need to master their attacks and use your abilities wisely.

Attacks and Strategies

Attack Description
Claw Swipe

A Pack Wolf will jump forward and strike you with their claws.

Pack Wolves love to use this attack, so be on your toes! When you see a Pack Wolf leaping towards you, make your move and dodge. Don’t worry too much if you get hit, as the damage is minimal.

Thrill of the Hunt

All remaining Pack Wolves will rush forward and claw at you, one after another.

Dodging the first hit from this attack is crucial, as it sets the tone for the rest. If you fail to dodge the initial strike, you won’t be able to dodge the subsequent attacks. Keep your rhythm and dodge that first hit!

Now, let’s talk about some effective strategies:

  • Dodge or Disrupt: Thrill of the Hunt is their go-to move, but you can thwart their plans. Master dodging or use your Eikonic abilities to disrupt their attack. Abilities like Aerial Blast and Upheaval work wonders for splitting up The Pack and cancelling their coordinated strikes.

  • Unleash Your Fury: The Pack loves to swarm you, but you can turn the tables. Abilities like Pile Drive, Scarlet Cyclone, and Wicked Wheel let you hit multiple Pack Wolves at once. Whenever you find an opening, unleash these devastating moves. Remember, Pack Wolves can’t be staggered, so go all out!

Defeating The Pack will reward you with:

Experience Ability Points Gil Spoils
700 50 5,800 Sharp Fang x20, Bloody Hide x50, Magicked Ash x10

Now go forth, brave warrior, and emerge victorious from this wild encounter. Good luck!

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