FF14 fans anticipate patch 7.0 jobs fulfilling long-awaited ideas.

FF14 fans anticipate patch 7.0 jobs fulfilling long-awaited ideas.

Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest Fun: What’s Coming Next?

Get ready, folks! It’s time for another mind-blowing Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest, packed with oozing details on the next mammoth expansion for this incredible MMO. Oh, and did I mention that we might just catch a glimpse of the coolest new jobs that are about to rock our pixelated world? Wait for it…wait for it…Final Fantasy 14 aims to blow us away with not one, not two, but three electrifying Fan Fests! America kicks off the adrenalin rush, followed by Europe, and then Japan wraps it all up next year. Brace yourselves, because the ultimate showdown is about to begin.

But hold your Chocobos, dear adventurers! As we eagerly await the much-anticipated announcement of the new classes, the brilliant minds among us have already embarked on a quest of their own – deciphering the enigmatic clues planted by the masterminds behind the game. And where do they find these hints, you ask? In none other than the illustrious Naoki Yoshida’s choice of wardrobe! Yes, you read that right. The legendary producer has a knack for revealing what’s in store for us through his epic t-shirt selections. From a Batman tee, signaling the arrival of the Dark Knight job, to sporting Bugs Bunny before dropping the bombshell of the playable Viera race – every Fan Fest appearance by Yoshi-P is a sartorial treasure hunt of delight! So, dear fashionistas, keep your eyes peeled for any fashion-forward hints at the upcoming event.

But let’s not just twiddle our thumbs while we wait for these thrilling revelations, shall we? Oh no, my fellow fanatics, we have theories to concoct and job ideas to share. For instance, the amazing minds over at YouTube channel IAmPlushie have caught the scent of secrets hidden in the latest dungeon, specifically during the Mount Rokkon quest line. It seems that an NPC crosses our path, harnessing the mystical powers of an Onmyoji – a magical being capable of divinations and communing with spirits. Ah, the Onmyoji, also known as Oracles or Mystics in other Final Fantasy titles. But here’s the kicker: Naoki Yoshida himself has previously mentioned this class in relation to the Stormblood expansion. Coincidence? I think not!

Now, brace yourselves for a wild ride, my friends! Picture, if you will, the sheer madness and exhilaration of a Blitzball-inspired job in Final Fantasy 14. Oh, the fantasies we weave! Imagine being a Striker-style class, dancing gracefully on the battlefield, reminiscent of Wakka from Final Fantasy 10. I know, I know, it sounds utterly epic! And guess what? Yoshida and his team share our dreams! They’ve admitted their yearning to introduce Blitzball to the game, but haven’t quite nailed down the specifics. But fret not, dear players. If the stars align just right, we might just find ourselves splashing into our own water sport-based job. Who’s up for some underwater PvP action?

However, dear adventurers, be prepared for the ultimate plot twist that Naoki Yoshida might unleash upon us. In a jaw-dropping revelation to the Final Fantasy 11 site We Are Vana’diel, Yoshida confessed that adapting old jobs to the formula is no easy feat when the gameplay experience needs to match players’ pre-established desires. Therefore, he tantalizingly stated, “We have no choice but to come up with brand new jobs that haven’t appeared in the Final Fantasy series before.” Are you ready for the ultimate job surprise? Hold onto your potions, because the unthinkable may just become a reality.

Now, my fellow warriors, grab your lucky Moogle charms, polish your keyboards, and don’t forget to stock up on snacks for an adrenaline-filled weekend ahead. The North American Fan Fest awaits us on June 28th and 29th. Even if Yoshida doesn’t unveil a new class, keep your eyes peeled for the hottest fashion trends in Eorzea. After all, nothing beats a stylish t-shirt, right?

Oh, and before we embark on our own quests, here’s a delightful snippet: watch as a 69-year-old Final Fantasy 14 streamer loses her mind when the series creator himself appears to cheer her through one of the MMO’s most grueling raids. Talk about ultimate fangirling! Don’t you just love this incredible community?