FF Shiva Tier List

FF Shiva Tier List

The Chilling Chronicles of Shiva: A Tier List of Final Fantasy’s Coolest Summon

CAUTION: This Feature Contains Spoilers From the Mainline Final Fantasy Series, Including Final Fantasy 16.

The various Summons of the Final Fantasy series have become a staple since debuting in Final Fantasy 3 in 1990. But when it comes to ice elemental Summons, none can rival the icy queen herself – Shiva. With her blue or pale skin tones, long hair, and her signature attack Diamond Dust, Shiva freezes foes solid in an instant. Let’s analyze her appearances in the mainline Final Fantasy series and rank them based on plot relevance, battle potency, and character desGameTopic!

S Tier

Final Fantasy Shiva Tier List - July 2023
  • Final Fantasy 10: As the fourth Aeon that Yuna obtains, Shiva’s desGameTopic in Final Fantasy 10 is one of the most iconic in the series. With her Overdrive Diamond Dust and abilities like NulBlaze and Heavenly Strike, she’s a solid choice against foes weak to Ice magic. Plus, there’s even an optional boss called Dark Shiva for extra challenge.

  • Final Fantasy 14 (Ysayle and Ryne): We have not one, but two characters who become Shiva in Final Fantasy 14. From the Elezen woman Ysayle, also known as Iceheart, to the Hume girl Ryne, the battles against these Shivas are epic. But beware of their Ice and Light magic, as it can give you a chilling experience.

  • Final Fantasy 15 (Gentiana): Shiva the Glacean is no ordinary deceased Astral in Final Fantasy 15. Disguised as Gentiana, she reveals her true form to Noctis during an intense battle against Ifrit. Shiva’s powers are awe-inspiring, and she becomes a symbol of hope for Noctis in his quest to defeat Ardyn.

A Tier

Final Fantasy Shiva Tier List - Jill Warrick - July 2023
  • Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Shiva’s debut in Final Fantasy 7 may be considered rudimentary today, but in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, she received a stunning facelift. With her powerful Diamond Dust and lower ATB gauge cost, summoning Shiva is a cool option in battles.

  • Final Fantasy 8: From the beginning of the game, Shiva is there for Squall and his gang. Junctioning with Shiva grants players the Doom ability, and her ice and water magic can be refined from items. Her yellow hair appendages make her stand out, but her powers remain icy and undeniable.

  • Final Fantasy 11: As Vana’diel’s celestial Avatar of ice, Shiva offers high magic attack and devastating Heavenly Strike to Summoners in Final Fantasy 11. She’s the perfect choice when you need to deal sGameTopicificant damage to your enemies.

  • Final Fantasy 16 (Jill Warrick): In the latest installment, Jill Warrick serves as the Dominant of Shiva. Her powers play a crucial role in battles against colossal foes like Titan, and she grants Clive access to Shiva’s Eikonic abilities. Ice Age and Cold Snap are just a few of the chilling moves at their disposal.

B Tier

Final Fantasy Shiva Tier List - Shiva Sisters - FF13 - July 2023
  • Final Fantasy 6: Shiva’s appearance in Final Fantasy 6 is somber, as she joins the party after the presence of Ramuh convinces her and Ifrit to lend their powers. Alongside her Diamond Dust, Shiva teaches her wielder spells like Blizzara and Osmose.

  • Final Fantasy 9: Although Shiva’s plot relevance in Final Fantasy 9 is minimal, she is one of the most cost-effective Eidolons. After obtaining an Opal, Garnet can summon the ice queen to deal great damage at a low MP cost.

  • Final Fantasy 13 (Stiria and Nyx): The Shiva Sisters, bound to Snow Villiers in Final Fantasy 13, are more robotic compared to previous versions. They can transform into a motorcycle and freeze enemies in their tracks. Time to rev up and chill out!

C Tier

Final Fantasy Shiva Tier List - FF4 Pixel Remaster - July 2023
  • Final Fantasy 3: Shiva’s first appearance in the series was in Final Fantasy 3, where Evokers, Summoners, and Sages could call upon her, but only Summoners and Sages could witness her powerful Diamond Dust. Although her role was limited, she left a lasting legacy for future Summons.

  • Final Fantasy 4: As an exclusive Eidolon to Rydia, Shiva only becomes accessible later in the game. But don’t expect her to be a game-changer outside the Underworld. Her use is limited to areas where enemies are susceptible to Ice magic.

  • Final Fantasy 5: If you miss Shiva in Final Fantasy 5, it’s game over for her cameo. While she can be useful in the early game, stronger Summons quickly overshadow her. So, make sure you don’t leave her behind!

Final Fantasy 16 is available now for PS5.

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